Valve shows the first details of Counter-Strike 2

Valve shows the first details of Counter-Strike 2

22. March 2023 by miranda angeles

After two years of waiting, endless rumors, and leaks on social networks, Counter-Strike 2 is a reality. Valve has published the first videos of the long-awaited title update, and the gaming community has gone crazy.

In the first teasers, they have shown us the main changes it will have concerning CS:GO. Among the main changes, we could see the usability, the famous trick rate, and the maps.

However, we must wait despite the enormous excitement that produces a new Counter-Strike. But it is already confirmed that the game update will arrive by summer this year.

What’s new in Counter-Strike 2

Among the new features that are confirmed for the release of Counter-Strike 2, we have:

  • New smokes
  • The tick rate no longer affects when moving or shooting.
  • A new look at the maps

Now, let’s talk a little more about each new feature.

New smokes

With the arrival of the new version of CS:GO, the smokes will be much more dynamic and provide some things we have never seen before.

The smokes in the new game version will create 3D objects when falling to interact better with the environment.

However, that is not the most striking thing; the most remarkable thing is that the smoke will be able to be dissipated with bullets and grenades. This new option will give players many options.

The realism in the video game will increase thanks considerably to these new details included in the smoke. We can see a little of what we discuss in the developers’ video.

A new look at the maps

The topic related to graphics is one of the most awaited details by the CS:GO player community. In the video, you can see how they have significantly improved the maps. In addition, the new version of the game will have better lighting, more realistic reflections, and greater visibility of the characters.

But that won’t be all; there will also be maps that have been completely remodeled. These maps will have new Source 2 rendering tools and features.

Valve does not forget the community and will provide creators with new tools with which they will be able to create and improve their maps.

Tick rate no longer affects when moving or shooting

Possibly this is one of the most awaited new features by the gaming community. In the new version, regardless of the frequency of ticks, shots, and movements, all shots will be equally accurate; moreover, grenades will always fall similarly.

Thanks to this new improvement, players will experience smoother gameplay and a much more real experience.


With these videos, the developers of the new version of CS:GO have only given us a preview of the features that will be coming to the game this summer.

Valve still has many details to improve before launching the game. However, the long wait will soon be over, and we can already get an idea of what we will soon be able to enjoy in Counter-Strike 2.