Valve imposes permanent sanctions to play due to new regulations

Valve imposes permanent sanctions to play due to new regulations

19. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently a CS:GO player has been sanctioned by Valve due to the new policies of the game; the user must forfeit more than $200K in skins. The penalties for misuse of CS:GO skins will be punished heavily, so it is very important to be careful.

Valve imposes a permanent sanction to play due to the new rulebook

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has been permanently banned after nine years of trading skins. The sanction imposed on this user will allow him to continue playing Valve’s game; however, he is permanently banned from transferring items from his inventory. The worst part of this case is that Valve has not allowed him to review his sanction.

This user’s inventory, valued at about $200k, was among the first to be blocked after Stream’s policy change. With this fact, the company wants to get all gambling websites before they become a serious problem.

An unreviewable and permanent sanction to the CS:GO player

Recently, Valve revised the usage guidelines; in this way, it intends to clarify that it is forbidden to use the cosmetics of any game or Counter-Strike for commercial purposes. This decision was made in response to the recent boom of third-party developed websites that accept skins as payment for casino games.

Users can play roulette or bet on sports using cosmetics as payment instead of real money. They receive other cosmetics as a reward, which they can resell on other third-party websites for real money.

Many problems arise from here. All these external websites circumvent the gaming laws of various nations and cause disputes within the community.

On the other hand, many skins are obtained by scamming other players, which has caused a lot of annoyance in the gaming community and strongly criticized Valve. So Valve has taken action and has become much stricter on this issue.

Valve seems to focus some of the measures directly on the users after having previously sent cease and desist letters to those responsible for these sites.


The user whose inventory Valve is restricted has acknowledged using various gaming websites. However, he claims his goal was not to play games but to legally sell cosmetics he had acquired.

However, this did not stop Valve from banning several of Steam’s community-related features. With this, the cosmetics he displayed that cost $200K instantly lose all their value. While you can still use them in-game, you can’t sell them on the community marketplace.

Valve seeks to maintain a good reputation for the release of CS2

The impending release of Counter-Strike 2 suggests that Valve wants to maintain a good reputation; it also doesn’t want the new version of the game to be affected by promotion on websites of this nature. From now on, we advise caution when engaging in activities related to trading skins on any platform that Valve has not approved.