Valve hints at CS2 release date

Valve hints at CS2 release date

21. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Valve recently posted on its X/Twitter account that set off alarm bells for all Counter-Strike fans. In the message posted by Valve, the developer could be hinting at the release date of Counter-Strike 2.

Possible CS2 release date

Thousands of fans have been waiting for several months for the release of Counter-Strike 2. Recall that initially, the game developer had revealed that it would be available during the summer of 2023. However, it seems that things have changed a bit, and the game might be released a bit later. Right now, the restricted test of CS2 is about to end, and CS:GO as we know it is about to reach the end of its era. So, CS2 will be released in a very short time.

But the question many game fans are asking is how long until we can enjoy the full game? Valve might be answering that question in its latest X/Twitter post.

The developer has asked its followers, “What are you doing next Wednesday? So thousands of people have thought that on Wednesday, September 27, perhaps the full release of CS2 will be made.

Counter-Strike fan community responds to Valve’s publication

Following the message posted by Valve, fans have reflected a range of feelings from trepidation to excitement. Professional gamers, esports organizations, and the community feel this is more than a question. With this message from Valve, thousands of Counter-Strike fans have cleared their schedule on September 27 in anticipation of what could become a historic day.

In addition, we should remember that at Steam’s 20th birthday celebration, Valve had promised all its players that the release of CS2 would be “soon.” Before that statement, the only official information about the release of CS2 came from the initial beta announcement, where it was announced that the full game would be released in the summer. Since then, fans have been speculating different release dates. However, these speculations have never been right.

New era of Counter-Strike esports

With the release of CS2, finally all players will have access to the game. Moreover, this release will begin a new era of Counter-Strike esports. For a couple of days now, the different tournament organizers have informed us that they will switch to the new version immediately when the game is released.

Now, if the release of CS2 is next September 27, all teams will have about five months before the RMR qualifiers for the first CS2 and Copenhagen MAjor and about six months before the start of the tournament itself.