Valve changes Dota2 Battle Pass

Valve changes Dota2 Battle Pass

20. June 2023 by miranda angeles

The development cycle of Dota 2 has been a secret for a long time. However, Valve has realized it is time to share some details with the fans.

Yesterday, June 19, Valve announced a new update for Dota 2. This new update will completely change the structure of the Battle Pass.

Valve changes Dota2 Battle Pass

Last year, the battle pass was split in two for the first time; the first part came out before the major Dota 2 event, and the second came out after the event. That split of last year’s battle pass was a warning to players of what was to come this year; the game developers have decided to discontinue the battle pass altogether.

Valve has announced it is working diligently to develop content for Dota 2’s tenth anniversary on July 9. However, since the game update will not be released by that date, the developers have taken a moment to talk to fans.

Valve has used the Battle Pass over the years to celebrate everything related to Dota 2. With the release of the Battle Pass every year, game developers were looking to attract as many players as possible. So that update came loaded with content. Each Battle Pass was the most important time in terms of updates to the game.

After being that way for many years, Dota 2 developers wondered if it was the best strategy to have a single central point for releasing new content.

According to a statement released by Valve, the developers included more and more valuable information in the battle pass every year. As a result, a large amount of important material was released in each Battle Pass; however, the time pressure meant that the ability to offer new and exciting updates in the Battle Pass became increasingly limited.

In light of this situation, the game developers have eliminated the 2023 Battle Pass. So all the material released in the battle pass will be released in other updates.

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Big changes in Dota 2

With the release of patch 7.33, “New Frontiers,” one of the biggest changes in the game was introduced in Dota 2. According to the game developers, this would not be possible if the traditional battle pass was still used.

On the other hand, the developers claim that New Frontiers is just the beginning of an important development cycle for Dota 2. However, from now on, the focus is on the diversification of updates. Although this 2023, there will be no battle pass; Valve will make the release an IT-themed update. This update will pay tribute to each player who competed and offer the opportunity to contribute to the prize pool again. However, this update will not be called a battle pass and will not focus as much on cosmetics as on previous occasions.

At the same time, Dota 2 developers have informed us that they are working on the next updates of the game. With the removal of the battle pass now, the team can offer better content throughout the year.