Valve Brings ‘The International’ to Copenhagen: A New Era for Esports in Europe

Valve Brings ‘The International’ to Copenhagen: A New Era for Esports in Europe

11. March 2024 by Never

Valve has announced through an official statement that the prestigious esports tournament, ‘The International’, will be held this year at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. Scheduled for September, this event marks one of the most significant milestones in the esports landscape, signaling Valve’s grand return following recent challenges.

European Spotlight

This marks the third time in its 13-year history that ‘The International’ will take place in Europe, underscoring Copenhagen’s growing prominence as a hub for major esports tournaments this year, including the PGL Copenhagen Major and RLCS Major 1. However, none rival the prestige of ‘The International’.

Midas Mode and Exciting Developments

The blog post also mentioned the return of the Midas Mode gameplay, developed in 2017 by Moonduck. Whether it will return as an in-game mode or a separate tournament remains unclear, but the community eagerly awaits any updates Valve may reveal.

Qualification Details

With the elimination of the DPC, the path to ‘The International’ had been unclear until now. However, the blog post confirmed that 16 teams will compete this year through open qualifiers, regional qualifiers, and direct invitations, based on teams’ performance throughout the year in various tournaments.

In-Game Events and Updates

Following the discontinuation of ‘The International’ Battle Pass, fans anticipate more in-game events throughout the year to make the lead-up to TI less tournament-centric and contribute to the gradual growth of the prize pool. Valve confirmed in February their intention to release a new update called Crownfall as soon as possible

Anticipated Hero and Future Developments

Fans are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Dota hero, Ringmaster. With expectations at an all-time high, the community looks forward to seeing what new features Dota will bring in the near future.

Countdown to ‘The International’ in Copenhagen Anticipation Builds for a Game-Changing Moment in European Esports History

As Valve prepares to host ‘The International’ in Copenhagen, the global esports community anticipates an unforgettable event that will shape the future of competitive gaming in Europe. With exciting developments on the horizon and the return of Midas Mode, ‘The International’ promises to be a landmark moment in esports history.