Valve announces Dota 2 patch as a riddle

Valve announces Dota 2 patch as a riddle

20. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

With 24 hours to go until the next Dota 2 patch, Valve has released a series of riddles hinting at the changes in the upcoming update. With the next Dota 2 patch now less than 24 hours away, Valve has stoked the hype with a cheeky teaser of what’s to come. The Riddles in the Dark post, which was published on Dota 2’s Steam page at just after 4 p.m. PT, revealed some of the upcoming changes coming with the next patch.

Solution to Dota 2 patch conundrum from Valve?

In the post, Valve teased nine changes, with a few jokes as a bonus. These range from specific changes we’re looking forward to, to some memes we’d like to share. The first mystery, regarding the patch date, is obvious. But there are a few other riddles in store, and we’re here to give you the answers so those riddles won’t be so riddling anymore!
Dota 2 Riddle in the Dark Answers:

Riddle: [UNIT] can now be controlled by the player who dug it up
Answer: Goblin
This is probably a new feature for the trusty shovel, which now lets you control the pesky goblin. When you dig it up, it is now an ally instead of attacking you and, if you are unlucky or Crystallis, killing you.

Riddle: [HERO]: Always has 0 intelligence. Always.
Answer: troll warlord?
The Troll Warlord has the lowest intelligence in the game. Perhaps this change will lower it to 0? This could indicate a rework or a simple change in stats. Other theories point to Huskar and the Alchemist.

Riddle: [ITEM]: Now has a starting and maximum supply of 4 and a replenishment time of 120s.
Answer: Aghanim’s shard? Folio of Knowledge?
This is unknown, but perhaps the shards are now in limited supply. At the same time, it could also be the limited supply of the Folio of Knowledge. Other theories say that they are tangos or smokes.

Riddle: After this effect, the soul is forcibly returned to the body.
Answer: The scepter of Muerta Aghanim?
Perhaps this is a new ability for Muerta associated with her Aghanim scepter. But it could also be a reference to a new hero. We suspect the former, though.

Riddle: [HELD]: Base armor increased by 1
Answer: Doom
This is a reference to the classic comic about Doom, who just has too much armor!
dota 2 riddle

dota 2 riddle patch announcement

Riddle: [UNIT TYPE] now gets 15 movement speed during the night.
Answer: A jungle creeper? Lycan wolves?
Maybe one of the jungle creeps is much faster now, or Lycans just got a pretty big buff during the night!

Riddle: Mana cost reduction effects only apply to mana costs.
Answer: Not necessary.
This is just a simple patch note.

Riddle: [ITEM]: Requires echo saber (2500), tiara (1000), recipe (1000). Total cost: 4500
Answer: New item!
An echo saber upgrade? That sounds absolutely insane.

Riddle: Each player can use a [NOUN] to [VERB] for the other after 3 seconds of channeling.
Answer: Unknown!

Valve doesn’t want to give too much away

An ability enhancement? For Io perhaps? Charges on relocation? This is a big mystery, but based on the wording, we suspect it will be some sort of teleport. Valve doesn’t want to give too much away, but the Reddit community has long been investigating. Some theories say it’s related to outposts, and that you can teleport between outposts if you control both.

Riddles In The Dark
byu/wykrhm inDotA2

Or another building. Considering how much hype and anticipation has been built around the upcoming patch, it’s hard to imagine that it will live up to expectations. Still, the changes teased above are definitely very interesting, and we love the ideas that are coming. In 24 hours, everything will be answered and we’ll find out how good the new patch is!