VALORANT’s top agents to dominate the Sunset map

VALORANT’s top agents to dominate the Sunset map

30. August 2023 by miranda angeles

In the ever-evolving world of VALORANT, the Sunset map is a battleground that demands strategic skill and spatial awareness. The key to success: Choosing the right players.

 For this map, it is crucial to have agents who can control zones and create space for both attack and defense. Today, we highlight six agents, Skye, Yoru, Raze, Chamber, Killjoy, and Omen, who have proven their worth in difficult terrain such as the Sunset map.


First of all, we have Skye, the Australian eco-warrior. Skye’s abilities revolve around controlling the battlefield through her animal companions. Her “Trailblazer” ability, which allows her to control a Tasmanian tiger to shock and damage enemies, is perfect for scouting and controlling areas. His “Guiding Light” ability is also crucial for blinding enemies, allowing his team to perform strategic attacks or defenses.

Skye v2


Next up is Yoru, the Japanese duelist. Yoru focuses on deception and distraction. His “Blindside” blast and “Gatecrash” teleport ability make him a potent threat on the Sunset map. With these abilities, Yoru can create distractions, infiltrate enemy lines, and even escape quickly, making him an excellent choice for players who like to keep their opponents guessing.



The demolitions expert, Raze, can bring explosive energy to the Sunset map. Her abilities focus on creating chaos and space. Her “Boom Bot” and “Blast Pack” abilities can clear tight spaces and control areas, while her ultimate ability, “Showstopper,” can take out multiple enemies at once. Raze’s explosive power changes the rules of the game in the narrow corridors and clustered areas of the Sunset map.

Raze v2


Chamber, the French sentry, is the master of control. His “Teleport Anchor” ability allows him to control zones by moving quickly around the map. His “Alarmbot” and “Turret” can control zones and alert the team of enemy movement. Chamber’s abilities make him an excellent choice for defense on the Sunset map.



Killjoy focuses on zone control. Her abilities “Alarmbot,” “Turret,” and “Nanoswarm” allow her to block zones and prevent enemy advance. Her ultimate ability, “Blockade,” can stop all enemies in a wide radius, making her a powerful tool for attack and defense on the Sunset map.

Killjoy v2


Finally, we have Omen, the ghost of unknown origin. Omen’s abilities allow him to control the battlefield through stealth and distraction. His “Covered Passage” ability allows him to teleport at close range, while his “Paranoia” ability can blind enemies, making him a formidable agent for the Sunset map.

Omen v2

VALORANT’s Sunset map is expected to demand strategic gameplay and spatial awareness. Skye, Yoru, Raze, Chamber, Killjoy, and Omen bring unique abilities that allow them to control areas, create space, and keep their opponents on their toes. Whether you prefer to control the battlefield with Skye’s animal companions, create chaos with Raze’s explosives, or fool your enemies with Yoru’s distractions, these agents offer a wide range of strategies to dominate the Sunset map. Choose your agent wisely, and may the odds always be in your favor.