VALORANT world champion says she will not return to CS2

VALORANT world champion says she will not return to CS2

24. March 2023 by miranda angeles

One VALORANT world champion said she would not return to Counter-Strike 2. We are talking about Michaela “mimi” Lintrup, one of the stars of G2.

Yesterday the champion mimi declared that despite all the hype about the Counter-Strike 2 restricted test, she would not return to the game, no matter what new features the new version of CS2 may bring.

Former CS:GO player and VALORANT champion doesn’t want to play CS2

Following the release of CS2, the former CS:GO player says she will not play her former first-person shooter game again.

The VALORANT champion has received endless questions about her opinion of the new version of CS:GO and whether she will return to her old game. So the champion has answered those questions by saying that VALORANT has changed her life in a very positive way. Moreover, VALORANT has given her the opportunities that she never imagined she could get in her life.

On the other hand, mimi says that she will not change games as she has never had as much fun playing as she has had with VALORANT. She also says that the game is a lot of fun.

Mimi leaves CS:GO to become VALORANT World Champion

The current VALORANT world champion, before reaching her current position, was a CS:GO, player.

The former CS:GO player started her professional gaming career in 2013, where she had the opportunity to represent the jerseys of the following teams:

  • LDLC
  • XSET
  • Team Secret
  • Copenhagen Flames

The player had a very good career and is considered one of the most dominant women in the female CS:GO scene. In her career, she managed to win several tournaments, such as:

  • Copenhagen Games 2017.
  • Intel Challenge Katowice 2 years in a row (2016 and 2017).

Despite having a successful career in 2021, mimi decided to leave CS:GO and dedicate herself to playing VALORANT professionally. Since then, mimi has established herself as one of the best players in the title.

In 2022 mimi was crowned champion in the top tournament available to VALORANT players, the VCT Game Changers Championship. Moreover, with a rising career, mimi has made it clear to all her fans that she has no plans to return to Valve’s title.

In contrast, Julia “juliano” Kiran, Another of the best players in the world of VALORANT and CS:GO, recently returned to play Counter-Strike representing the G2 jersey of the women’s team.

Women’s tournaments

The growth of women’s tournaments in esports is improving every day. As a result, Riot Games is looking to create a very inclusive competitive environment with Game Changers.

Similarly, it is happening with Valve’s title. The ESL 2022 introduced the Impact circuit, which held several women’s CS:GO tournaments yearly. With the release of CS2, the growth of women’s competitions is expected to continue.