VALORANT: Where will the next game map be set?

VALORANT: Where will the next game map be set?

16. August 2023 by miranda angeles

The VALORANT community has been asking itself for some time now: Where will the next game map be set? Thousands of rumors and speculations have arisen around this question. Fans of the game are eager to know details of the next map coming to VALORANT.

Although more than half a year has passed since the last map release in VALORANT, fans are still imagining the possible locations of the next map. Many players are watching all the rumors about the location of the upcoming map.

Undoubtedly, Riot Games has taken it upon itself to keep all game fans following every clue on the map closely. In the last battle pass trailer, the shooter’s developer left some clues.

Now, putting together each of the clues revealed by the developers of VALORANT, we have in mind a location where the next map could be set. If you want to know all the details, read on.

Where will the next game map be set?

As mentioned, Riot Games has revealed some clues about where the next map will be set. However, it is important to note that no exact location has been confirmed.


According to the clues revealed by the developers, VALORANT players may soon have to face a map set in the city of Los Angeles, California.

The first clue the developers revealed was one of the player cards from the previous battle pass. This “Golden Hour” card showed a region with many palm trees. In addition, a large building could be seen in the background. With this card, many players thought the next map would be set in a sunny location.

However, it wasn’t until Riot Games released a teaser trailer where we could see Deadlock and Cypher in some shady Kingdom Corporation moves, wanting to take advantage of the radianite, there were no real clues that the map was going to be set in Los Angeles.

In said, video Cypher showed us a map. However, it had no label about its location. But game fans took it upon themselves to investigate, and that map matches the southeast region of Los Angeles.

The various freeways shown on the map match some of the major freeways in Los Angeles. However, one of the most notable points to believe it will be in that city is the port of Long Beach.

Launch of the new map in VALORANT

As we mentioned, the last map that came to the game was over six months ago. That’s why all players are waiting for new content, such as a map, to arrive. Now, this map could be coming to VALORANT after the Champions 2023, which happens to be held in Los Angeles. According to the details in the recent trailer, on August 26, VALORANT could receive a new map.