VALORANT: VCT Pacific’s youngest player to join the military

VALORANT: VCT Pacific’s youngest player to join the military

28. August 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke that VCT Pacific’s youngest player, just 16 years old, will be enlisting in the military.

The young player, Tyler “Juicy” Aeria, only 16 years old, has revealed that he has had to leave the league due to his age. On the other hand, it has also been reported that despite being one of Singapore’s most coveted players, he must enlist in the army.

VCT Pacific’s youngest player to join the army

Undoubtedly, the last few days have been difficult for VALORANT fans in Singapore. First Paper Rex made it to the grand finals of VALORANT Champions 2023. However, he was defeated by Evil Geniuses. In addition, it has been reported that Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie is due for mandatory military service.

However, Jinggg is not the only VALORANT player from Singapore to enlist in the military. For now, Juicy is the other player who must say goodbye to the league. Due to his young age, the player must leave his current team. For that reason, Juicy has decided to serve his required time in the army.

Juicy puts his career as a professional VALORANT player on hold

News recently broke that 16-year-old Juicy was forced to leave his VALORANT team. Bleed Esports and Juicy ran well in the VCT 2023 Pacific Ascension. This tournament pits the top tier two teams against each other, thus deciding which one gets a spot in the main VALORANT league.

In Pacific Ascension, we could see how Bleed Esports showed its full potential. The team defeated SCARZ 3-0 in the battle for the Ascension spot. It can be said that many players fear the power of this squad.

Now, as the team has managed to qualify for the franchise league, their youngest player, Juicy, cannot continue with the team. This player does not meet the minimum age rule to play in the league, which is 18 years old. Juicy will only be 17 years old when the new season starts. This is the reason why this player cannot continue with his team. Although Bleed’s rise to the top has been a very important step, it is terrible because it also made Juicy give up his pro career for now.

Compulsory military service

However, it is important to note that if Juicy starts military service now, it will avoid the problem that Jinggg is experiencing. Juicy should remain excellent as a VALORANT player and return to the league after he is of age, but with the military draft completed. It is important to note that military service in Singapore can begin at 17 with parental consent. All persons who complete military service must last two years so Juicy can return to the professional scene at 19.

Without a doubt, the reactions of Juicy’s fans have been very divided, and the news of her departure saddens some. While others are shocked that she can’t play in the VALORANT league because she is underage but can join the military.