Valorant VCT Game Changers: Team Liquid Triumphs Over EG

Valorant VCT Game Changers: Team Liquid Triumphs Over EG

1. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In a gripping showdown at the Valorant VCT Game Changers Championship, Team Liquid emerged victorious against Evil Geniuses (EG), marking EG’s exit from the tournament. This intense best-of-three series determined which team would advance to the next stage.

EG vs TL: Match Recap

Map 1: Split

  • First Half: Demonstrating strong gameplay, the Brazilian squad led by Daiki dominated, ending the first half with a 7-5 score.
  • Second Half: The match balanced out, with Team Liquid pulling through in the final moments to clinch the map 13-10.

Map 2: Ascent

  • Brazilian Defense: Starting on the defensive side, Team Liquid, led by Daiki’s exceptional Sova play, held off EG, finishing the first half at 8-4.
  • Liquid’s Aggressive Play: Switching to offense, Team Liquid set the pace, sealing their victory with a decisive 13-6 win.

EG’s Tournament Journey Ends

Evil Geniuses’ participation in the tournament concludes following their loss to Team Liquid’s skilled play. Team Liquid, carrying the local support and showcasing a playstyle true to their region, remains in contention, advancing through the lower bracket with hopes of reaching the grand final.