Valorant Patch 8.01: Major Updates to Skye, Breeze, and Iso

Valorant Patch 8.01: Major Updates to Skye, Breeze, and Iso

24. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valorant, the tactical shooter from Riot Games, has rolled out its latest patch, 8.01, bringing significant tweaks to several agents and a nostalgic twist to the map Breeze. Post the launch of Episode 8 titled “VINDICATION”, Valorant has been bustling with major updates, including the introduction of the Outlaw sniper rifle.

However, this January update focuses more on agent adjustments, particularly Skye and the newest addition, Iso, along with a throwback modification to the Breeze map.

Patch 8.01 Highlights


  • Guiding Light (E)
    • No More Charge Regeneration: Guiding Light will no longer regenerate charges during a round.
    • Automatic Flash Activation: The ability will now automatically activate the flash at the end of its duration.
    • Tactical Change: Removing Guiding Light’s recharge emphasizes decision-making on when to use it, balancing its dual utility for combat advantage and reconnaissance. This adjustment creates clear advantages and disadvantages, encouraging early-round information gathering and strategic planning without losing its unique versatility.


  • Iso receives updates to enhance the combat advantage of his Finisher (E) ability.
    • Orb Duration: Increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
    • Initial Boost and Shield Duration: Extended from 15 to 20 seconds.
    • Shield Width Reduction: From 120 to 100.
    • Contingency (C) Cost: Reduced from 250 to 200.


  • Blast Pack (Q)
    • Sound Adjustment: The sound of Raze moving through the air with Blast Pack is now louder when moving towards the player.

Val Ep7 PatchNotes 8.1


  • A Corridor Reopened: In response to community feedback and recent changes, Riot Games has decided to reopen the A Corridor on Breeze. This move aims to offer more tactical options to attackers while maintaining other map changes.

Riot Games’ Tactical Shooter Polishes Up with Patch 8.01

Patch 8.01 might not be heavy on new content, but its impact on gameplay is substantial. The adjustments to Skye and Iso, along with the map changes to Breeze, are set to create a fresh dynamic in Valorant’s strategic landscape.