Valorant: The Viral Trick Against Brimstone Revealed

Valorant: The Viral Trick Against Brimstone Revealed

11. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the VCT China, a BLG player showcased an incredible trick to evade Brimstone’s molly, and the video quickly went viral.

Years after its release, players of Riot Games’ tactical shooter continue to surprise with unexpected mechanics. This Wednesday, a player from the VCT China went viral after pulling off a trick that provides an absolute counter to Brimstone.

We bring you the clip of this amazing play and explain why it impacts this particular character so significantly.

Unveiling the Trick

Since its launch in 2020, Valorant has stood out among other FPS games for its heavy emphasis on agent abilities. Over time, players have learned new strategies with each agent and have perfected them.

This led to the emergence of “lineups,” where players stand in a specific location and aim towards a designated spot to ensure their utility lands precisely where needed.

Whether you’re a professional player or a casual gamer, you’ve likely employed these tactics, as they only require a bit of practice. Brimstone is one of the community’s favorite agents, but there’s a very effective trick to counter him.

The Viral Play in VCT China

In Week 4 of the VCT China Regular Phase, Titan Esports Club faced off against Bilibili Gaming. After a closely contested first map that ended 13-11 in favor of TEC on Sunset, it was time for Bind where the magic happened.

In Round 19, TEC found themselves in a 2v3 situation with the Spike planted, and kawaii, playing Brimstone, positioned to execute the lineup. However, he never expected what Levius, BLG’s Skye, had prepared to nullify the lineup.

Recognizing the play, Levius used his own agent to intercept Brimstone’s Molly at the point of impact, aiming to alter its trajectory. This prevented the Molly’s area from covering the Spike, allowing for a successful defuse.


Ultimately, the play was a success for the BLG player, resulting in a round win and a clip that went viral days later. Now that you know the trick, you can try it out in your matches and test your luck. It’s likely you won’t get it right on the first try, but with practice, just like with lineups, you’ll improve.

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