VALORANT: Team Vitality will not compete in EMEA Last Chance Qualifier

VALORANT: Team Vitality will not compete in EMEA Last Chance Qualifier

22. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Due to the terrible passing of Karel “Twisten” Aenbrener and to pay respect to him, Team Vitality has decided not to compete in the remainder of 2023.

Team Vitality will not compete in EMEA Last Chance Qualifier

Recently, Team Vitality has informed its decision not to compete in the VALORANT Champions EMEA Last Chance Qualifier. Team Vitality has used its Twitter account to inform the entire community of its decision not to compete during the remaining months of 2023.

The organization assures Twisten’s passing “has caused enormous and unprecedented grief, both for his teammates and the entire staff.” On the other hand, Team Vitality adds that no team member can imagine playing without their teammate this season. The organization then comments that it has decided to take a break and end the VCT 23 season; they say it is a way to pay respect to his memory, family, and friends.

In Team Vitality’s statement, the organization assures that before announcing their pause this season, they asked Riot Games for permission not to participate in the qualifiers due to extenuating circumstances surrounding all members of the organization.

Riot Games responds to Team Vitality’s announcement

A few minutes after Team Vitality made public the decision to pay tribute to Twisten and stop competing this season, Riot Games also issued a statement. Riot Games states that they have permitted the organization to be absent this season and hope the team can return in the next competitions. On the other hand, Riot Games has again sent its condolences to the team. At the end of Riot Games’ statement, the developer announces that only six teams will play this EMEA season.

VALORANT community shocked by Twisten’s death

The news of the death of the 19-year-old Team Vitality player has sent shockwaves through the VALORANT community. It also provoked an outpouring of tributes from the esports community at large.

At the BLAST Premier Spring Final, Vitality’s CS:GO squad held a moment of silence before the match against Heroic. On the other hand, the presenters of the VCT Masters Tokyo, Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, and Yinsu “Yinsu” Collins, on the first day of the tournament, paid tribute to the player.

Players have also paid tribute to Twisten following a custom the player himself started at the VCT LOCK//IN. Some players pledged to make donations for every kill with the Shorty; these donations will go to charities that help people with mental health problems.

VCT EMEA Last-Chance Qualifier

As mentioned above, only six teams will compete in the VCT EMEA Last-Chance Qualifier. The tournament will take place from July 19 to 23. The winners of this tournament earn a place in the VALORANT Champions 2023. However, if Fnatic is crowned champion at the VCT Masters Tokyo, two teams from EMEA get a place for the VALORANT Champions 2023.