VALORANT: Team Liquid is the first team eliminated from VCT Champions 2023

VALORANT: Team Liquid is the first team eliminated from VCT Champions 2023

11. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Team Liquid has had a disappointing performance in VCT Champions 2023, as it is the first team to be eliminated from the tournament. The most curious thing is that it is the only team able to beat Fnatic this 2023.

Team Liquid, the first team eliminated from VCT Champions 2023

Team Liquid’s VALORANT squad comprises an excellent group of star players. Before arriving at VCT Champions 2023, this team attracted a lot of attention, and the whole VALORANT community expected them to be one of the strongest teams in the tournament. However, things did not go as expected, and Team Liquid was the first team eliminated from the VCT Champions. LOUD has been the team in charge of beating Team Liquid.

As we already mentioned, a large part of the community expected Team Liquid to be one of the strongest teams in the tournament. Let’s remember that this team not only took home the EMEA trophy this season but was also the only team that had managed to defeat Fnatic, its great European rival. Despite their poor performance in Tokyo, the team’s fans had enough reasons to be optimistic at the VCT Champions.

However, Team Liquid was defeated by the Brazilian team, who showed a very strong and consistent performance. For example, in the first LOUD map, they completely dominated the game, where they only lost two rounds and achieved a 13-2 victory.

Victory for LOUD

The first map for LOUD was one of total domination. The team was united, and the degree of cooperation between the players was evident. In addition, each squad member demonstrated sufficient tactical knowledge mixed with a lot of talent. However, things were difficult for the Brazilians on the second map, as it was much closer than the first one. However, LOUD did not need to rely entirely on Erick “aspas” Santos to get their second map. The work of Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira and Arthur “tuyz” Vieira was of great help to the team. These two players were in charge of eliminating 57 enemies in the two maps.

On the other hand, Team Liquid had trouble keeping up with their opponents, and the players were so close to completing the game strategies. Moreover, on many occasions, Team Liquid was surprised by their opponents, who took full advantage of their low guard. Undoubtedly, teamwork and cooperation were not present in this confrontation. So Team Liquid could not beat LOUD, which was very strong.

Before this showdown, much of the VALORANT community doubted LOUD’s performance in this tournament, especially after all the rumors that they were solving internal problems. But, after the confrontation with Team Liquid, LOUD showed they are stronger than ever.