VALORANT: Team Disguised Toast recruits rookie ahead of second Challengers split

VALORANT: Team Disguised Toast recruits rookie ahead of second Challengers split

18. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Over the past week, Team Disguised Toast made significant changes to their roster. Finally, yesterday, April 17, they finished building their starting lineup, which will compete in the second Challengers split.

Disguised Toast found themselves in a complicated situation when two of their best players decided to leave the team; we are talking about Drake “Exalt” Branly and Damion “XXiF” Cook. So the team was forced to sign two new players in the middle of the Split.

The team’s first signing was Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker, the best free agent available. Then the team’s other signing to complete its five-player lineup was rookie Michael “Nerve” Yerrow, who previously played with Soniqs.

Nerve joins the Disguised Toast squad

The American player, Nerve, was just one map away from making his Challengers League debut, despite failing to reach tier two earlier this year. Nerve, along with the squad representing Soniqs, competed in January in an attempt to qualify for the Challengers in 2023. The squad in the lower bracket fought valiantly and measured their strength against OREsports to determine who would take the final Challengers’ spot. Unfortunately for Soniqs, the rival team prevailed against them, leaving them out of the second-level NA VALORANT league.

Once that final was over, the Soniqs team disbanded after being eliminated, and most of the Soniqs players went to tier 3 teams. After that, Nerve got to play with the 99 Strength, where the player had an important participation. Nerve’s new team got first place twice in the Mystic Singularity Series, and in the Knights Arena Monthly Gauntlet held in March this year, the team got second place.

The American player has shown that he adapts well to teams and can be flexible when playing with different agents. Killjoy has been the agent’s Nerve and has played with them most of the time; however, he also has experience playing with starter agents and smokes. So Nerve would have no problem joining his new team, Disguised Toas.

Weaknesses of Disguised Toast

It is important to comment that Disguised Toast, with the departure of the two players, did not have a sentinel player; they only had Joseph “clear” Allen, who has some experience in that position. However, with Killjoy, Nerve has the opportunity to integrate very well into the team; since the agent works very well in the current VALORANT goal and can greatly help his new team.

Finally, we must remind you that the NA Challengers 2023 Split 2 competition starts today, April 18, and ends a month, exactly on May 19. So in a very short time, we will see the debut of the two new Disguised Toas players.