Valorant: Skull Cracker’s Suspension from Game Changers due to Non-payment

Valorant: Skull Cracker’s Suspension from Game Changers due to Non-payment

20. December 2023 by Never

In a significant development within the professional Valorant scene, Skull Cracker Quartz faces a one-year ban from the VCT Game Changers League. This decision comes in the wake of contractual breaches involving non-payment to its players.

A Tumultuous End to the Competitive Season

The competitive season of Valorant concluded, but controversies continue to surface, especially in the female circuit of Latin America. The suspension handed down to Skull Cracker Quartz by the VCT Game Changers LATAM league underscores the ongoing issues in esports regarding player contracts and financial obligations.

The Investigation and Its Findings

Initiated on September 25th after reports of payment defaults, the Professional Video Game League (LVP) conducted a thorough investigation. This revealed that Skull Cracker had outstanding debts with its players and team staff for the 2023 season.

Efforts to Resolve

The LVP attempted to establish clear communication with Skull Cracker’s management to negotiate a feasible resolution. Despite setting a new payment deadline, Skull Cracker failed to meet its obligations.

The Suspension and Its Impact

  • Suspension Duration: Effective until December 31st, 2024, Skull Cracker Quartz is barred from all official Valorant competitions, including the Game Changers LATAM league.
  • Direct Payment Arrangement: The league has arranged for the Playoffs prize money to be paid directly to a legal representative appointed by the players.

Beyond Game Changers

The suspension extends beyond the female circuit, disqualifying Skull Cracker from participating in the VCT Challengers LAN as well.