VALORANT: Saadhak, one of the best leaders in the game, is a free agent

VALORANT: Saadhak, one of the best leaders in the game, is a free agent

20. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro, one of the best leaders of VALORANT, is currently on the market. This player is a free agent looking for a new home for next season.

Saadhak is a free-agent

Saadhak has recently confirmed that his contract with LOUD has ended, which means he is now a free agent. Undoubtedly, it can be said that Saadhak is one of the best players on the market this offseason. On the other hand, Saadhak has reported that he is considering offers from new teams. However, he has not ruled out extending his contract with LOUD.

However, Saadhak’s decision could be very significant for the VCT Americas. Let’s remember that this player has been one of the most consistent IGLs in the entire region. In addition, Saadhak has been a key factor in the success achieved by LOUD. The player has been a pillar for the team, supporting and guiding young talents such as Arthur “Tuyz” Vieira and Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira. His experience as a leader has made a big difference for his team.

During this season, LOUD stayed on top of VALORANT esports, even after the team reportedly faced several behind-the-scenes problems in the second half. LOUD managed to take second place at the LOCK//IN held in Brazil this 2023. Then, the team took third place at the Champions 2023. But that’s not all. LOUD also managed to win the VCT Americas after showing significant dominance.

However, they later struggled at the Tokyo Masters. According to rumors for this tournament, the team had strong internal problems related to superstar Erick “aspas” Santos. Recall that last July, some rumors reported that the relationship between the coach and the superstar “was completely fractured.” Moreover, at that time, it was also reported that Aspas would stop playing with LOUD for the following season.

Changes to the LOUD squad

Last September 11, Aspas informed the entire VALORANT community that from that moment on, he was a free agent and was open to listening to different proposals for the following season. However, if Saadhak and LOUD fail to reach an agreement, the team will undergo a complete renewal of its roster. Let’s remember that LOUD and these players had positioned themselves among the most important VALORANT teams regionally and internationally.

For its part, LOUD will try to continue winning in the future, so it will have to create a new team around the players who remain on its current roster. For the time being, two key players have left the team.