VALORANT: Rumors claim Evil Geniuses players trapped by contracts

VALORANT: Rumors claim Evil Geniuses players trapped by contracts

24. September 2023 by miranda angeles

A plethora of rumors have recently surfaced about the Evil Geniuses roster. The most recent rumor claims players are “imprisoned by their contracts.”

Recall that the Evil Geniuses squad has won the VALORANT Champions 2023 and has become the world’s best team. However, the players have apparently been forced to take a pay cut to stay within the organization. On the other hand, rumors have also surfaced that these players are in jail because of their contracts. Undoubtedly, the joy of Evil Geniuses’ victory has been tarnished by the rumors of the salary cut events and the players’ contracts.

Problems at Evil Geniuses

According to rumors, Evil Geniuses is not on top of the world as its VALORANT staff would have you believe. The organization is currently experiencing a drop in merchandising. But that’s not all. According to players’ statements, they feel insulted by their organization.

According to information revealed by esports journalist Richard Lewis, the current VALORANT champions are imprisoned due to contracts. Apparently they are all forced to accept the salary cut imposed by EG as it is extremely difficult to close deals with other organizations.

Labor contracts

All the players on the EG staff of VALORANT are currently in high demand by different organizations that would like to sign these players. Undoubtedly, they are the most sought-after players at the moment. However, according to Richard Lewis’ report, the players have employment contracts that prevent them from studying different options for next season. For their part, the players have reported that they feel imprisoned in the organization.

On the other hand, Richard Lewis has revealed that tensions in the team are high. According to the reporter, players like C0M have every reason to feel they have not received the respect they deserve after winning a championship. Moreover, the outlook does not look good for the organization if we discuss the salary cut for next season.

On the other hand, Richard Lewis comments that it appears that Demon1’s relationship with the organization may be irreconcilable due to his contract issues. In addition, it has been reported that EG has rejected all proposals to purchase the player. According to information shared by Lewis, buyout offers from Demon1 and Ethan have been around $100K. However, the organization has flatly refused. It is important to note that we only discuss the contract termination. That amount does not cover the amount of the player’s contract.

Another important factor is that EG’s player contracts expire at the end of 2024. So, it is unclear if the organizations will be willing to pay the high price to acquire these world champions.