Valorant: Riot Teases Agent 25 and Reveals Potential Launch Date

Valorant: Riot Teases Agent 25 and Reveals Potential Launch Date

4. March 2024 by Never

The latest addition to the tactical shooter was Iso, who arrived in October last year, and now a new member is set to join the Valorant roster.

This Friday, Riot Games released a statement regarding Agent 25 and unveiled an approximate launch date for Valorant. we’ll delve into all the details surrounding the upcoming Controller and when it might be introduced to the world.

New Season, New Agent

With the onset of a new season, Valorant has entered Episode 8, aptly named VINDICATION. In the first patch of the year, Riot introduced a slew of content, including Outlaw and the return of Icebox to the competitive rotation. However, in terms of agents, it’s been a while since we’ve seen new faces.

[TL.GG] Valorant Agents Lead John Goscicki: “When we got the [voice acting] auditions back for Phoenix, we heard Afolabi Alli and we thought, this is the dude. So we looked into where he’s from and tailored Phoenix’s backstory more around that area.”
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As mentioned earlier, Iso was the last character to join the game back in October last year. After several months of anticipation, Valorant seems poised to welcome Agent 25.

Launch Date Revelation

According to Riot’s statement, Agent 25’s launch is slated for sometime in March. Considering that the Masters Madrid will take place this month, it’s plausible that the new Controller will be revealed during the Grand Finals on March 24th.

We might even get a glimpse of gameplay through a Showmatch, similar to past agent reveals. Additionally, the developer explained that this Controller will cater to risk-taking players, even with a character possessing these qualities. It will be specifically tailored for solo play rather than the professional scene.

Unveiling Agent 25: March Leaks and Updates in Valorant

In conclusion, Agent 25 will be unveiled in March, and it’s highly likely that we’ll see some leaks regarding its appearance and abilities throughout the month. To stay updated on all Valorant news, don’t forget to stay connected to CodigoEsports.