VALORANT: Riot Games to reveal a big surprise at the Champions finals

VALORANT: Riot Games to reveal a big surprise at the Champions finals

22. August 2023 by miranda angeles

No doubt the Champions has been an exciting tournament for all VALORANT fans. But, above all, it will be much more special because the developer will reveal a new map for the game. Now the whole VALORANT community should get ready to know the new map lineup.

New map for VALORANT

Riot Games knows how to keep the gaming community entertained. Recently it has announced that a few hours before the grand finale of Champions 2023, we will all get to know a new map coming to the game. This new map will be part of the VALORANT map reserve. It is important to note that the active map pool will soon undergo a major change.

The debut of the new VALORANT map

According to the official statement published by Riot Games, the developer describes the activities scheduled for the weekend for the end of Champions 2023. In this schedule of activities, it has been revealed that the next map coming to the game will make its grand debut during the tournament’s golden carpet pre-show before August 26.

But that’s not all. Riot Games will also be doing a broadcast to unveil all that will come at the dawn of Episode VII, Act II. The 25th and 26th of August will be full of news about the game. That’s why we recommend all the fan community to be aware of the broadcasts.

Clues of the new map

After knowing some clues about the new map, players will soon be able to see it with their own eyes. The new map will likely look very familiar to local viewers watching the Champions League this weekend in Los Angeles.

According to the clues and previews that have been revealed in recent weeks, apparently, the new map appears to be set in a Los Angeles-like environment.

On the other hand, various leaker accounts and different VALORANT influencers speculate that the name of the new map is “Sunset.” However, so far, not many details are known about what the main features of the map will be outside of the setting. Remember that before adopting a three-location layout and a revolving door gimmick for Lotus, the game developers had released Pearl as a map without any distinctive features.

Speaking of Pearl, this map and Fracture will be removed from the game’s active map pool. These maps will be removed at the start of the next act. On the other hand, it has been reported that Breeze returns updated; the new map will also be included as a replacement for the outgoing ones.

Recall that Riot Games has committed to the player community to maintain a stock of seven active maps. Some maps have been removed from rotation to revamp their design and bring them back into the game as an upgraded version.