VALORANT: Riot Games may reconsider its position on The Guard

VALORANT: Riot Games may reconsider its position on The Guard

31. August 2023 by miranda angeles

There is no doubt that Tuesday’s announcement by Riot Games that the Ascension champion team, The Guard, would not be participating in the VCT Americas has shocked the entire VALORANT community. However, recently, Leo Faria, VALORANT’s global head of esports, has let it be known that Riot Games may be reconsidering its position on The Guard. Apparently, Riot Games is working to bring a different solution to the team.

Recall that The Guard players earned their spot in the Americas league after winning the Ascension tournament this 2023. However, Riot Games had informed a couple of days ago that this team would not be present in the 2024 season due to non-compliance with some procedures.

After learning this news, many members of the VALORANT fan community felt a mixture of sadness and resentment. Some people blamed Riot Games, while others blamed The Guard. But through it all, one idea persisted: In the end, the players are the ones who deserve to be in the VCT next season because they earned their spot.

Leo Faria talks about The Guard’s situation

Yesterday, Wednesday, August 30, Leo Faria gave a long answer to the doubts about the situation of The Guard. In this response, Faria made it very clear that the organization had missed the deadline to complete the procedure to join the VCT Americas league.

On the other hand, Faria also discussed three alternatives Riot Games had examined regarding the situation of The Guard. Faria commented that eliminating the team’s place in the league was the best option.

VALORANT Players Association offers a different perspective on the Guard’s situation

On the other hand, the VALORANT Americas Players Association issued a statement offering a different perspective on the situation of The Guard. In the statement, the association suggested that a new organization sign the five players and the coach. In this way, they could fill the vacancy available in the league. However, Faria commented that this option had its complications.

Faria responded to the players’ association as follows:

“Allowing a takeover by a different entity now opens the door for seats to be sold in the VCT, something Riot Games does not allow.”

The gaming community is calling on Riot Games to make an exception for The Guard

For their part, many VALORANt esports player community members have expressed their disappointment regarding the issue of The Guard. They have also asked Riot Games to make an exception for the players of this team.

On the other hand, Leo Faria commented that the entire Riot Games team is listening to the requests and complaints of the community and assures that The Guard players are still the owners of the VCT slot. At the same time, Faria commented that they are still studying this case and hope to find a solution that favors everyone involved.

For now, we just have to wait to know Riot Games’ decision and if they can reach an agreement so that The Guard can be present in the next VCT season.