VALORANT: Riot Games has confirmed two Chinese teams for the Tokyo Masters

VALORANT: Riot Games has confirmed two Chinese teams for the Tokyo Masters

27. April 2023 by miranda angeles

For the Tokyo Master, Riot Games confirms that two Chinese teams will be present. They are Attacking Soul and Edward Gaming; these teams won first and second place at the FGC Invitational.

Riot Games has confirmed two Chinese teams for Tokyo Masters

Currently, the three major regional leagues of the VALORANT Champions Tour circuit are in the early stages of development. However, even though we are halfway through the regular season and the road to the Playoffs is long, Riot Games has already announced the first two teams that have already qualified and have a secure spot for the VCT Master in Tokyo.

The two squads that have already secured their place it will take place in Japan are Attacking Soul and Edward Gaming. The two Chinese teams have had an outstanding result in Act 1 of the FCG Valorant Invitational, so Riot has rewarded them with their ticket to the Tokyo Master.

The FCG Invitational is a competition that takes place in the region of China, held as the VALORANT Acts progress, during the first edition of the year, i.e., Act 1.

In the FCG Invitational, we could see how the Attacking Soul and Edward Gaming squads dominated the competitive scene, reaching the Grand Final almost without any problem.

The Attacking Soul team managed to be the undefeated tournament champion. Both squads proved to be great teams with these stunning performances, getting the attention of Riot Games. Now let’s remember that earlier this year, Riot had announced that two Chinese teams would be invited to the Tokyo Masters; after seeing these two teams in action, they did not hesitate to invite them.

Teams qualified for the Tokyo Masters

The Tokyo Master is the first international tournament, which will occur mid-season from Sunday, June 11 to Sunday, June 25. VALORANT fans will have 15 days to watch the best teams in the world fight each other for the title of champions.

It is known that two stages will be used for this important event. On the one hand, it is known that the first phase and most of the Playoffs will be played at the TIPSTAR Dome in Chiba; this venue has a capacity of 3,600 people.

However, the two final phases, i.e., the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final, will be held at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo; this venue can hold 7,800 people.

Although there is still a long way to go, it is already known that the two Chinese teams will occupy 2 of the 12 places available for the Tokyo Masters. The best teams from VCT EMEA, Americas, and Pacific will join these two teams.