Valorant releases new Map Lotus and Skins on 10th of January

Valorant releases new Map Lotus and Skins on 10th of January

6. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

The year 2023 couldn’t start any better for VALORANT players. With the kickoff of Episode 6, a brand new map, Lotus, enters the game. Lotus brings some new, exciting mechanics to the game. More on that later. We will also get new skins and a battlepass!

As with each new episode or act, there is a new Battle Pass to grind your way through. Read on to find out what new skins, sprays and other rewards await you in the Battle Pass. 22Esport shows you everything you need to know about the new act.

New Map Lotus

The ninth map in VALORANT was unveiled by developer Riot Games today and is set in the Western Ghats of India on Omega Earth. Lotus has three sites, similar to Haven, and features new mechanics like spinning doors, destructible walls, and a silent drop as players make their way through the lost city, inspired by Indian architecture.

Valorant's new map is called Lotus title

Pic: Valorant’s new map is called Lotus

Lotus features a lot of greenery and beautiful landscapes that are relatively similar to those of Breeze. However, the stunning map looks quite straightforward, which might be inspired by the design process of Haven, the other map with three sites.

The new map has an “ancient vibe” inspired by Indiana Jones, according to Brian Yam, the art and concept lead at Riot. “For the player’s visual experience, we wanted them to have an Indiana Jones moment,” Yam said. “For example, when you enter the C-Site, you’re greeted by the Rock Cut cave, and a ray of sunlight from above gives you a sense of wonder and discovery of a lost city.”

new valorant map lotus title

Pic: Valorant’s new map features mystic architecture

Joe Lansford, a level designer at Riot, said the original plan for Lotus was to create a space station with a lock mechanism that would exclude large portions of the map. But that idea was then scrapped and instead led to the creation of the ancient-style map. Players will be able to explore the new map on January 10 with the release of VALORANT Episode 6, Act 1.

New Battlepass

As with each new act, a new Battle Pass also has been released, with numerous free rewards for all players and premium rewards for those who purchase the pass. In addition, Battle Pass buyers will receive additional experience points for completing matches, as well as daily and weekly challenges.

The Battle Pass for this act is “inspired by the celebrations that take place around the world during this time,” such as New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Lunar New Year. It includes three new skin lines, as well as a handful of different player cards, weapon buddies, and sprays. Here are all the Battle Pass rewards for VALORANT Episode 6, Act 1.

9 Lives

9 Lives is a cute and cuddly skin line for the Phantom, Guardian, Classic, and Ares. The 9 Life skin for each weapon has four color variants, each with its own feline version of an agent. The gray and blue Jett cat, the orange Raze cat, the purple Reyna cat, and the green Viper cat.

Phantom 9 Lives valorant skin SideView title


The Gridcrash skin line has a neon, Tron-like grid and gives you real VHS-80s vibes. The core design of the Gridcrash skinline features a motorcyclist with a helmet riding through a city with glowing skylines under the night sky. The Gridcrash skins are available for the Ghost, Stinger, Bulldog and Judge.

Judge Gridcrash valorant skin SideView


According to the developers at Riot Games, the Venturi design is meant to represent speed in the form of a skin line. With its sleek, modern design and a unique Knife as a highlight, the Venturi skins are likely to be quite popular. The skins are available for the Spectre, Marshal, Frenzy, Vandal and the Knife. Similar to the Gridcash collection, there are no upgradeable variants or effects for the Venturi skins.

Spectre Venturi valorant skin SideView

The new map Lotus, the Battlepass including all skins and the new store collection will be in the game from January 10th.