Valorant’s Premier Mode: Upcoming Changes for Episode 7 Act III

Valorant’s Premier Mode: Upcoming Changes for Episode 7 Act III

25. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Valorant, Riot Games’ renowned tactical shooter, is about to roll out several exciting updates for its competitive mode, Premier. As Episode 7 Act III approaches, the gaming community eagerly awaits the enhancements announced by the game developer. Dive into the core of these changes and discover when they will take effect.

Premier: Riot’s Pinnacle of Competitive Gaming

Originally, Valorant featured only standard ranked matches with a tier system ranging from Bronze to Radiant. To satiate the community’s competitive thirst, Riot introduced Premier – a unique arena for those seeking more intense battles. Following its successful launch phase, Premier is set for a revamp in Valorant’s Episode 7 Act III. The highlighted alterations span from match pauses to intriguing “Crests.”

Premier’s Noteworthy Updates

Practice Matches

Teams are now endowed with the liberty to engage in practice matches on non-competition days. These matches, although structured like Premier games, will not impact the overall Premier Score.

Registration Overhaul

The registration window for teams has been revised to a duration of one-and-a-half days. Teams formed within or before this period can enlist members and step into Premier’s competitive realm at any stage of the Phase.

Strategic Timeouts

The much-anticipated tactical pauses, or timeouts, are making their way into Premier. Teams can exercise one pause per side, with an additional pause granted in the event of overtime.

Playoff Seeding

Higher Premier Scores will now bestow teams with more advantageous positioning in the Playoff tournament.

Playoff Queue

To enhance matchmaking efficiency, the waiting period is capped at 15 minutes. Teams are expected to lock in and remain in the queue throughout this interval.

Premier Crests

An emblem of a team’s prowess, Crests will now morph, mirroring the team’s performance throughout the phase.

Mark your Calendar!

In essence, Riot Games is unrelenting in its pursuit to refine the Premier experience for its community. It’s evident that they’re heeding player feedback and are committed to continuous improvement. Mark your calendars, as these updates will go live on October 31st, coinciding with the launch of Episode 7 Act III. Valorant esports