VALORANT: Possible name of the next agent coming to the game is leaked

VALORANT: Possible name of the next agent coming to the game is leaked

16. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Game leakers work tirelessly to give content to all their followers. Recently one of the leakers unveiled what could be the name of the next agent coming to VALORANT.

A few months ago, the developers of VALORANT promised the entire community of players that three new agents would arrive in the game by 2023. One of the three agents has already made his big debut in the shooter, and we all know him; we are talking about Gekko. While for the second agent, it has just been confirmed that she will be a “sentinel.” However, we will have to wait much longer for the third one to know any details.

The latest leaks would relate to the sentinel’s name, which will debut soon in VALORANT. However, if we want to know his abilities and physical characteristics, we will still have to wait a little longer.

The possible name of the next agent to arrive in VALORANT has been leaked

The name of the next VALORANT agent has been revealed by one of the most known accounts that leak game data, VALORANT Leaks. According to the information revealed, Sequoia is likely to be the name of the next agent, although it could also be just a code name before it is officially announced.

According to the VALORANT Leaks tweet, the files for this character were leaked in the summer of last year but could finally arrive this 2023. As the leaker claims, Nicholas Wu Smith, the designer of Fade, is responsible for creating this new hero.

What would be the capabilities and possible appearance of the new VALORANT agent?

At the moment, only the possible name and who is the designer in charge of this new agent have been leaked. However, we can use our imagination to guess some details of “Sequoia.”

If we evaluate the name, Sequoias are a gigantic species of trees and wide, cylindrical trunks. All movie buffs will remember Muir Woods, the natural park where Caesar, the protagonist of Planet of the Apes, was a frequent visitor. That said, the new character could connect to the natural world, specifically plants, and trees. Now we must connect these possible characteristics with the sentinel role that the new agent will fulfill.

For the character’s appearance, if we consider all the above assumptions, we could see a range of colors between green and brown, similar to sequoias. However, it would not make much sense because Skye already seems to fit perfectly with the profile we have described in their skills and appearance.

There have also been some speculations in social networks, and fans believe the new agent may be American since this particular tree is very common in California. So if the assumptions are correct, this new agent would join Viper, Brimstone, and Gekko as the quartet of American characters.

However, we must remember that all these are only assumptions, so we still have to wait to know how the new agent will be.