VALORANT: Players speculate that the game’s new agent may be from China or Singapore

VALORANT: Players speculate that the game’s new agent may be from China or Singapore

1. October 2023 by miranda angeles

After months of rumors and speculation about the next agent coming to VALORANT servers, we will finally know its origin.

New VALORANT agent

For some months now, Riot Games has been hinting at some details about the game’s new agent. Sometimes, information has been leaked, or the developers have intentionally left some hints, as happened at the VCT Master in Tokyo. A couple of days ago, Riot Games officially introduced Agent 24 in the release of “The State of Agents.” In this release, they also talked about Deadlock and Gekko, the latest agents to arrive in the game.

In the press release, Riot Games revealed an image where the new agent eats from a hot pot. This picture is titled “Duck Blood,” and thanks to this image, fans of the game have started to speculate about the origin of this agent. Many players think Agent 24 may originate from China, Singapore, or another nation with a strong Chinese influence.

Undoubtedly, the clearest clue so far is the image, where we can see a typical dish from some Asian region. The image shows a person taking food from a very peculiar pot. Now, if we detail the food in the illustration, it could be a hot pot from Sichuan or Chongqing due to the color of the broth and the chili peppers that can be seen floating on the surface. This typical dish is cooked with chili oil, and various spices are poured over the soup.

Origin of the new VALORANT agent

After seeing the illustration, many VALORANT players speculate that the new agent is Chinese. Moreover, if we study extra factors like this year, Riot Games expands to the Chinese market. In turn, this region will have its league, also some Chinese teams have been invited to compete in major VCT tournaments in 2023. Taking into account all these factors, fans’ speculations may be right.

But that’s not all; after Riot Games introduced its servers in China, players worldwide have received an extra melee package. On the other hand, it is important to note that the game already had a Chinese agent, Sage. However, it was not available in China. Therefore, it is likely that the developer wants to make the most of the Chinese market by adding an agent of that nationality.

While many claim that the agent may be Chinese, others believe this may not be the case. These people suggest the agent may be from other regions with some cultural traditions, such as Singapore.

Fans of the game who are more familiar with the VCT have not overlooked the detail “The Agent’s State,” this detail may reveal that the agent is from Singapore.

Riot Games has mentioned a VCT player who recently competed in the 2023 Los Angeles Champions finals. This player was mentioned in the section where they talk about the new agent’s powers and play style. It is important to note that said player was the only representative from this country to compete in the tournament.

About the Singapore player

The player referred to is Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie from Singapore. You can read the player’s name in the message, which some fans took as more than a coincidence. Especially considering how diligent Riot Games tends to be when revealing details of their new agents.

After extensive detective work, a Twitter user and loyal VALORANT follower have concluded that the new agent is from Singapore. According to this Twitter user, one of the most important foods in Singapore is Uncle Fong, similar to the one seen in the illustration of the new agent.

At the moment, the nationality of the new agent remains a mystery, which will be solved in late 2023 when Riot Games launches Agent 24.