VALORANT PBE 8.03: Chamber Buffs, Esports Support, and Teased New Agent

VALORANT PBE 8.03: Chamber Buffs, Esports Support, and Teased New Agent

13. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

VALORANT PBE 8.03 has arrived, bringing exciting changes to the game. Chamber, the French sniper, receives significant buffs aimed at restoring his competitive viability. Additionally, players can now show support for their favorite esports teams through Capsule Bundles.

Moreover, the patch teases the introduction of a new agent, ‘Smokedancer,’ and offers intriguing lore additions. Let’s delve into the details of this thrilling update.

Chamber Buffs

Chamber enthusiasts can rejoice as PBE 8.03 introduces buffs to enhance his effectiveness on the battlefield.

Chamber Buffs:

  • Headhunter’s Cost Reduction: Decreased from 150 to 100 credits, making it more accessible for strategic use.
  • Tour de Force Fire Rate Increase: Boosted from 0.7 to 0.9, empowering Chamber to assert dominance with increased firepower.

Esports Updates

As the VCT season commences, players can now actively support their preferred professional teams through Capsule Bundles, fostering greater engagement with the esports scene.

Esports Updates:

  • Capsule Bundles: Players can preview and purchase Capsule Bundles in the Esports Hub, allowing them to personalize their in-game cosmetics while backing their favorite teams.

New Agent Tease and Lore Additions

PBE 8.03 offers tantalizing hints of future developments, including the introduction of a mysterious new agent, ‘Smokedancer,’ and intriguing lore additions.

Lore Additions:

  • Chamber’s Email: Players can read a delightful email from Chamber, endorsing the new Outlaw gun with his full approval.
  • Voicemails from Cypher and Fade: Discover voicemails from Cypher and Fade discussing Omen’s disappearance and teasing the enigmatic ‘Smokedancer’ agent.


Bug Fixes

VALORANT devs address minor issues to ensure a smoother gaming experience for players.

Bug Fixes:

  • Kill Summary Correction: Fixed an issue where kills were incorrectly rounded up in the post-game summary.

Everything You Need to Know

With VALORANT PBE 8.03, Chamber receives much-needed buffs to bolster his competitive presence. Players can now actively engage with the esports scene by supporting their favorite teams through Capsule Bundles.

Furthermore, the teased introduction of the ‘Smokedancer’ agent and intriguing lore additions add depth to the VALORANT universe. Stay tuned for future updates as the VALORANT team continues to enhance gameplay, lore, and overall player experience.