VALORANT Patch 8.0: Revolutionizing the Tactical Landscape

VALORANT Patch 8.0: Revolutionizing the Tactical Landscape

9. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

VALORANT enters its fourth year with the launch of Episode Eight and Patch 8.0. This new era brings significant changes to the game, marking a departure from the tradition of introducing a new agent or map at the start of an episode.

Key Updates in Patch 8.0


Deadlock’s Kit Revamp

  • Sonic Sensor: Now recallable with increased pickup distance (27m). Concussion time reduced to 0.5 seconds. Audio cues audible to Deadlock and allies.
  • Barrier Mesh: Wall length extended from 6m to 10m.

These adjustments aim to enhance Deadlock’s strategic flexibility, particularly with the Sonic Sensor’s mobility and the expanded Barrier Mesh.

Killjoy’s Turret Adjustments

killjoy turret

  • Vision Radius: Reduced from 180 degrees to 100 degrees.
  • Placement: A new visual “vision cone” on the minimap.
  • New VFX and Animations: To indicate the reduced radius.

These changes necessitate more precise turret placements, balancing its defensive prowess.

Map Overhauls: Icebox and Lotus

  • Icebox: Simplified B Main pathing, removal of the hanging container, closure of B Orange path, and a new window in Tube for Mid control.
  • Lotus: A Main near breakable door opened up, A Hut closed off with a new defensive cubby, C Site enhanced with additional boxes and increased planting space, and rotating doors now take 10 seconds to rotate.

valorant Icebox B container changes

Premier Mode Enhancements

  • Team Captain Role: Designation by team owners.
  • Standings Access: View standings of other divisions or stages.
  • Division Seed Visibility: Before playing the first match.
  • Playoffs Qualification Score: Restored to 675.

Other Notable Changes

  • Map Pool: All modes, except Team Deathmatch, will use the competitive map pool.
  • New Weapon: The Outlaw.
  • Gun Buddy Carousel: Now organized alphabetically.
  • Spatialization Software Support: For headphones.
  • Raw Input Buffer Fix: Respecting primary and secondary mouse key swaps in Windows settings.

Transforming Tactics and Gameplay in 2024

Patch 8.0 of VALORANT brings a fresh dynamic to the tactical shooter genre. With a focus on balancing and enhancing gameplay, these changes promise to keep both new and veteran players engaged. Prepare to adapt to these strategic shifts and redefine your approach to VALORANT’s evolving battlefield.