Valorant Patch 7.10: Major Upgrade for Deadlock

Valorant Patch 7.10: Major Upgrade for Deadlock

15. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Valorant’s Patch 7.10 has introduced significant changes to Deadlock, following community feedback. This Norwegian Sentinel, introduced as the 23rd agent, hadn’t quite resonated with players as expected. However, Riot Games’ latest update might just turn the tide in her favor.

Deadlock’s Revamped Abilities

The primary focus of Patch 7.10 is the enhancement of Deadlock’s capabilities. Here are the key changes:

  • GravNet (C) Enhancement: Players caught in GravNet will now remain debilitated indefinitely until they destroy it. This change significantly increases the ability’s potential to control enemy movement.
  • Gravity and Mobility Alteration: GravNet now affects players with increased gravity, reducing their mobility. For example, it now limits the distance of Jett’s Tailwind (E).
  • Extended GravNet Elimination Time: The time required to eliminate GravNet has been increased from 0.85 seconds to 1.5 seconds, offering Deadlock more control over her environment.
  • Expanded GravNet Radius: The radius of GravNet has been increased from 6 meters to 8 meters, enhancing its area of effect.

Jett’s Third-Person Animation Adjustment

In addition to Deadlock’s improvements, Jett also received a minor tweak. The third-person animations for Jett’s Blade Storm (X) have been adjusted for better combat clarity. This change makes it easier for opponents to anticipate her movements, especially during sprints or knife throws.

The Overall Impact of Patch 7.10

While Patch 7.10 doesn’t bring a multitude of changes, the update to Deadlock’s GravNet could be a game-changer. These enhancements are poised to increase Deadlock’s popularity and effectiveness, potentially shifting her status in the Valorant community.

Players Feedback!

Patch 7.10 represents Riot Games’ commitment to balancing and refining Valorant’s gameplay. Deadlock’s upgrade, in response to player feedback, is a testament to the game’s evolving nature, aiming to ensure a balanced and engaging experience for all players.