Unveiling the VALORANT Overdrive Bundle: Skins, Pricing, and Release Date

Unveiling the VALORANT Overdrive Bundle: Skins, Pricing, and Release Date

9. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The VALORANT Overdrive bundle, confirmed by Riot Games after a leak by ValorLeaks, is the latest addition to the game’s lineup of weapon skins and accessories. This bundle brings a fresh aesthetic to your VALORANT arsenal, featuring four weapons, a melee variant, and various accessories, all adorned in multiple color options.

Bundle Contents

The Overdrive bundle includes:

  1. Weapons:
    • Vandal
    • Bucky
    • Sheriff
    • Stinger
  2. Melee Variant:
    • Overdrive Blade
  3. Accessories:
    • Spray
    • Player Card
    • Gun Buddy (x2)

Each weapon in the bundle comes with several color variations. The base color is red, with Radianite upgrades unlocking black/gold, blue, and pink options.

Overdrive skin set in shop 1024x576 1

Radianite Upgrades and Effects

The Overdrive bundle offers Radianite upgrades that enhance the visual and auditory appeal of the weapons, including:

  • Unique sound effects
  • Special animations
  • Eye-catching finishers, where each variant’s finisher and kill banner color align with the weapon’s color

Players can earn Radianite points through the free tiers of the Battlepass to make these upgrades.

Pricing Details

While not the most expensive bundle in VALORANT’s history, the Overdrive bundle carries a significant price tag:

  • Full Bundle: 8,700 VALORANT Points (VP)
  • Individual Weapon Skins: 2,175 VP each
  • Overdrive Blade (Melee): 4,350 VP
  • Spray, Player Card, Gun Buddy: Priced at 325, 375, and 475 VP respectively

Overdrive Vandal 1024x576 1

Release Date and Availability

The VALORANT Overdrive bundle is set to release on December 6, 2023, as confirmed by the official VALORANT X account. It will be featured in the shop for a total of 21 days, giving players until December 27 to acquire items from the bundle.

Introduction to the VALORANT Overdrive Bundle

For VALORANT enthusiasts looking to enhance their in-game experience with stylish and vibrant weapon skins, the Overdrive bundle is an exciting addition. Remember, the availability is limited, so make sure to check it out before December 27 if you’re interested in these exclusive items.