VALORANT’s New Outlaw Sniper Rifle: A Game-Changer for the Meta

VALORANT’s New Outlaw Sniper Rifle: A Game-Changer for the Meta

6. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The VALORANT community is buzzing with excitement as early access leaks unveil the Outlaw sniper rifle. This new addition, showcased in videos by coach Daniel “yaotziN” Roczniak and shared on social platforms, is set to make a significant impact on the game’s meta.

The Destructive Capabilities of Outlaw

  • Damage Output: The Outlaw boasts a damage of 140 to the body, 238 for headshots, and 119 for leg shots.
  • Utility Destruction: It can obliterate various abilities in one shot, including Gekko’s Wingman, Sova’s Owl Drone, and Skye’s Seeker ultimate.
  • Efficiency: It fires two bullets quickly before needing a reload and offers a very high wall penetration.
  • Precision: Strong hip fire capability and faster reload time for one bullet compared to two.

Outlaw’s Impact on the Game

The introduction of the Outlaw marks the first new weapon addition since VALORANT’s launch. Its high damage at a lower cost compared to the Operator sniper rifle suggests a potential shift in player strategies, particularly in competitive and solo queue play.

Strategic Advantages

Players might prefer the Outlaw for its cost-effectiveness and ability to hold longer sight lines. It’s especially advantageous for agents with higher ability prices, offering a powerful, long-range weapon option.

Threat to Full Armor Buys

Even players with full armor aren’t safe, as the Outlaw can reduce their health to a mere 10. The need to constantly reload after two shots is a drawback, but its quick firing rate compensates for this, especially for players with precise aiming skills.

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The Upcoming VALORANT Patch 8.0

The Outlaw is expected to arrive with VALORANT Patch 8.0, which will also introduce significant changes to Icebox and Lotus in the new competitive map rotation. This update could revolutionize gameplay, challenging players to adapt to the new dynamics introduced by the Outlaw.

Early Leaks Reveal the Power of Outlaw

With its high damage output and utility destruction capabilities, the Outlaw sniper rifle is poised to become a formidable force in VALORANT. Players should prepare for the tactical shifts and new strategies that will emerge with this powerful addition to the game’s arsenal.