Valorant’s “Outlaw” Rifle: A Controversial Addition Demanding Urgent Balancing

Valorant’s “Outlaw” Rifle: A Controversial Addition Demanding Urgent Balancing

11. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The introduction of the “Outlaw,” a new sniper rifle in Valorant, has sparked a debate within the gaming community.

While some players have welcomed this addition as the first new weapon in the game’s original arsenal, others are voicing concerns over its perceived overpowering abilities, drawing parallels to the divisive reception of Yuumi in League of Legends.

Outlaw’s Entry and the Community’s Mixed Reactions

The Outlaw’s arrival coincides with Valorant’s Episode 8, bringing significant updates, including the reintroduction of the Icebox map and the replacement of Haven. Priced at 2400 credits, the Outlaw sniper rifle features a total of ten bullets, with two per magazine, creating a unique gameplay dynamic.

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The Concern: Outlaw’s Second Shot Accuracy

A key point of contention is the rifle’s second shot, which is reported to be 100% accurate under any circumstance. This feature has raised concerns that players might exploit the rifle, especially since a two-shot body hit can easily eliminate an opponent, potentially without much exposure.

Community and Experts Call for Action

Players and experts, including former Riot employee StarWraith and personalities from Case Esports and Team Heretics, have expressed their views. Some even humorously suggest removing the rifle from the game entirely, similar to some players’ reactions to Yuumi in LoL.

The Need for Balancing

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Outlaw will likely require adjustments in upcoming patches. The focus of these changes would be on its second shot’s 100% accuracy, which currently makes it a highly favored choice among players who prefer sniper rifles.

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The Outlaw Sniper Rifle in Valorant: A Divisive Force in the Community

As Valorant continues to evolve with new content, balancing weapons like the Outlaw is crucial for maintaining a fair and enjoyable competitive environment. The community’s feedback will be vital in guiding Riot Games towards making necessary adjustments to ensure the game remains challenging yet accessible to players of all skill levels.