VALORANT: One of LOUD’s top players is officially a free agent

VALORANT: One of LOUD’s top players is officially a free agent

12. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Erick “aspas” Santos, one of LOUD’s best players, has officially confirmed he is a free agent. The MVP has informed us that he is studying new offers and could join any team.

Right now, all eyes are on the Brazilian player, as aspas has reportedly decided not to renew his contract with LOUD immediately. Instead, the player wants to explore numerous worldwide job offers from different teams.

Aspas becomes a free agent

Officially, yesterday, September 11, aspas became a free agent. The Portuguese made a publication on his X/Twitter account, where he informed all his followers of his decision. On the other hand, in Aspas’ video, he states that he speaks both English and Portuguese, which gives him various possible landing options.

Aspas commented that his agreement with LOUD had ended, so he became a free agent. In addition, Aspas said he is interested in listening to different job offers.

Aspas’ career

Erick “aspas” Santos became known in the Brazilian Challengers scene with SLICK. However, he changed that team to become part of LOUD. Undoubtedly, with Aspas’ arrival at LOUD, the team quickly became the regional powerhouse we know today.

Aspas’ remarkable performance as a Duelist led him to dominate all of his Brazilian opponents. Aspas and his LOUD teammates came in second place in their first international competition. In 2022, the Brazilian team lost to OpTic Gaming. Later, LOUD had the opportunity to vindicate itself by winning the Champions 2022, where aspas became the tournament MVP thanks to his victory in the rematch against OpTic Gaming.

It is important to note that LOUD and aspas did not have the same success the following year in international tournaments. However, at the regional level, LOUD was among the best teams. It can be said that the team began to fade after finishing second in the LOCK//IN.

Despite the difficulties LOUD was experiencing, the team managed to finish in third place in the Champions 2023, where they achieved their second podium of the year.

New opportunities for aspas

Many aspas fans wondered if the player would continue one more year with LOUD. However, the player decided to look for new opportunities. The Brazilian player is looking for a new team to continue showing his full potential. It is important to note that Aspas’ command of the English language allows him to access different regions such as EMEA and the Pacific.

In any case, we still have to wait and see what the future holds for aspas and which teams are willing to sign the MVP of the Brazilian league. Aspas could work well in teams like NRG or 100 Thieves. These teams could add an excellent player to their squads.