VALORANT: Northern Showdown, the new tournament to determine the king of the North

VALORANT: Northern Showdown, the new tournament to determine the king of the North

29. July 2023 by miranda angeles

In the first week of August, all VALORANT fans will be able to experience the action of a fun fight with the Titans. A community battle will occur in a few days, pitting two nations with a long history in VALORANT competitions against each other. This tournament will decide who deserves to be proclaimed the king of the North in VALORANT.

VALORANT Northern Showdown details

Riot Games, Inferno Online, and 00NATION sponsor the VALORANT Northern Showdown tournament. This tournament will pit Sweden and Norway against each other in an ultimate battle.

The teams representing these two nations will consist of players, content creators, and other community members. The two teams are fighting for glory for their nation and to take home the title as the best VALORANT player in the North.

Yesterday, Swedish streamer Peak invited the community of VALORANT players to join the Northern Showdown Discord. In a Reddit post, interested players are invited to form their teams in advance so they can participate.

Northern Showdown – Norway vs Sweden – Deadlock vs Breach
byu/GosuPeak inVALORANT

For his part, Peak hinted that the inspiration for this challenge was taken from Scandinavian agents Breach, who is of Swedish origin, and fellow Norwegian spy Deadlock. Peak has amusingly commented, “Norway has always been behind and a bit in the shadow of Sweden.” Furthermore, he claims this situation has not changed despite adding VALORANT’s new agent.

Other details of VALORANT’s Northern Showdown

Due to the numerous internal and external conflicts between the two nations in VALORANT and their geographical proximity, gathering players on one server to hold this tournament is simple. According to the published details, the tournament will be divided into two parts. The first part will be online, and the second will be the excitement of offline battles.

The VALORANT Northern Showdown will be held from August 3 to 5. The first two competition days will be August 3 and 4, where all battles will be played online. Finally, on August 5, the tournament will be held as a LAN tournament. The Swedish team will compete from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere located in Stockholm. At the same time, the Norwegian team will play from the 00NATION headquarters located in Oslo.

With the excitement of being able to determine the kings of VALORANT, the community has already started to practice and form the teams that will participate.

On the other hand, it is important to note that players from outside Norway or Sweden are also welcome. Remember that the events are held in the capitals of each country. But the games will take place on their servers. So all players of Scandinavian origin around the world who do not mind playing on European servers will be able to participate and fight to bring the crown to their country.