VALORANT: New game server for South Africa

VALORANT: New game server for South Africa

18. August 2023 by miranda angeles

After a long time, VALORANT players on the African continent will finally have a server.

The worldwide popularity of VALORANT

Since the launch of VALORANT, the game has positioned itself as one of the most popular first-person shooters worldwide. Recently, we have seen the supremacy of the Chinese teams in the VCT, and over the years, we have enjoyed the great rivalry between the North and South American teams.

However, despite the great global popularity, one continent did not have its own server. After a long journey, the VALORANT community of African players will now enjoy a server. Players will once and for all forget about high ping.

Let’s remember that, for a long time, players in the region asked Riot Games to meet their needs. They often created Reddit threads to express their complaints and annoyance. Now, finally, Riot Games will deploy its servers to this region of the world.

Server problems

Africa has been a place where VALORANT quickly became very popular despite the high ping problems. That is why, during the three years, players begged the game developers for a local server. All this time, the VALORANT community in Africa had to connect to servers in the Middle East or Europe. Part of the African continent can connect to the European servers without any problem. However, players from the southern half of the continent have major connection problems. Consequently, South African players have been forced to play with very bad network latency.

Complaints from South African players

Last year a player from the African continent voiced his complaints on Reddit. This player commented that he was from South Africa and wanted to play. He had to connect to the European servers. Then, this player commented that the ping with which he plays is between 150ms and 200ms. He also adds that it all depends on the city where the players are located.

On the other hand, the player comments that, despite this bad latency, players continue to invest hours of gameplay. But playing with people who have an advantage over you is often annoying.

why do we still not have servers in africa?
byu/tm458 inVALORANT

In that Reddit post, many users commented that Cape Town or Johannesburg would be ideal for VALORANT servers. Without a doubt, a server in either of these cities will greatly help all of South Africa.

VALORANT servers in Cape Town

We have good news for all players in this region. The requests for a server have been heard. Finally, Carry1st, a company based in Cape Town, will be in charge of the South African server.

It may be that VALORANT players in Central and West Africa are still experiencing ping problems. However, having a server on the continent indicates that VALORANT is moving in the right direction. This new server opens the door for many South African players to have access to VALORANT esports.