VALORANT Mobile: What to Expect

VALORANT Mobile: What to Expect

7. May 2024 by Never

If you’ve been following the world of gaming, you’ve probably heard about Riot’s plan to bring VALORANT to mobile devices. VALORANT Mobile, the highly anticipated handheld version of the tactical shooter, was announced back in 2021. However, despite the excitement, a specific release date is still under wraps.

Release Date

VALORANT Mobile is expected to launch sometime in mid-2024. Despite being in development for over three years, Riot Games has not officially announced a release date yet. The community eagerly awaits further updates.

Development Challenges

Anna Donlon, the studio head for VALORANT at Riot Games, has openly discussed the challenges faced during the mobile game’s development. In an interview with POPline, she described the process as “incredibly challenging” and admitted that progress has been slower than anticipated.

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Gameplay Differences

One key detail separating VALORANT Mobile from its PC counterpart is that it’s not a mere port. Riot is crafting a unique experience optimized for mobile platforms. The core elements, including maps, weapons, and agents, remain intact. However, match durations are likely to be shorter compared to the PC version.

Key Features

  • New Game Build: VALORANT Mobile is built from scratch for Android and iOS.
  • Gameplay Consistency: While maps and agents are familiar, expect adjustments in match duration.
  • Non-Cross-Platform: The mobile version won’t support cross-play with PC.

Anticipating VALORANT Mobile: Riot Games Expands Tactical Shooter Experience

The wait for VALORANT Mobile continues, promising a fresh take on the tactical shooter experience. Stay tuned for further updates as Riot Games prepares to expand the VALORANT universe to mobile gamers worldwide.