VALORANT: Megapunk 3.0 Pack Details

VALORANT: Megapunk 3.0 Pack Details

23. May 2023 by miranda angeles

According to leaks, the Megapunk Pack will be the first VALORANT collection to feature three editions. In addition, for the expansion of this collection, it is rumored that two well-known weapons will be included in the game.

Megapunk 3.0 Pack Details

The Megapunk pack already has two previously released skins and has many players who love this collection. This electric line has a peculiar hook within the game, thanks to weapons like the Sheriff, Marshall, Spectre, or Ghost.

If the rumors are true, the Megapunk pack will be the first collection to receive a third expansion. Megapunk thus surpasses collections such as RGX 11z Pro, Reaver, Glitchpop, Prime, Oni and Ion.

According to information leaked by ValorLeaks, the Megapunk expansion pack could appear in the VALORANT store in a few days. So this collection would take the place of the game’s most recent one, which is the Run It Backpack.

On the other hand, according to rumors, the Megapunk collection may include items for Phantom and Vandal. But that’s not all. It could also come to the game with a third aspect of a melee weapon.

The weapon, prices, and possible release date of the Megapunk pack

As we said before, according to the ValorLeaks publication. Apparently, two weapons and a knife are already confirmed. However, to the pack, we would have to add two extra weapons, which could be the following:

  • Phantom Magepunk 3.0
  • Vandal Magepunk 3.0
  • Knife
  • Classic Magepunk 3.0
  • Judge Magepunk 3.0

It is important to note that Riot Games has not confirmed that the leaks of the Megapunk pack are true. So it is not known exactly the price of the pack, nor if sprays and new player cards are included.

In any case, all VALORANT players should anticipate that this pack will be categorized as a Premium skin pack, the same as in previous editions. So being a Premium pack, you can expect the collection to include add-ons that fit the concept of mechanized magic.

Everything points to the fact that the price of this third collection will be higher than the previous two. The pack will undoubtedly cost more now that Phantom and Vandal are included, moving away from the 7,100 VP it cost in both the original and second iterations. The cost could increase by 1,000 VP.

We don’t know the exact release date; it could range from one week, when the current collection expires, to 36 days, when this event ends, and a new one begins.

This collection’s anticipation is an additional incentive for players to visit VALORANT and purchase these new cosmetics. What is clear is that Riot wants to bring back collections that have done very well, and Magepunk 3.0 is proof of that.