Valorant Masters Shanghai: Introducing the Swiss Format

Valorant Masters Shanghai: Introducing the Swiss Format

10. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

VALORANT Masters Shanghai is poised to make history as the first VCT event held in China, taking place in the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Arena. Among its noteworthy features will be the debut of a new map and, significantly, the adoption of the Swiss system—a format synonymous with major esports competitions.

What is the Swiss System?

The Swiss system is a tournament format that emphasizes a balanced and competitive structure. Here’s how it works:

  • Round-by-Round Matchups: Teams are initially seeded and face off against each other in round one based on these rankings.
  • Progressive Pairings: As the rounds progress, teams with similar win-loss records compete against each other. For instance, teams with a 1-0 record face off in round two, while those with a 0-1 record do the same.
  • Elimination and Advancement: Teams accumulate wins until they reach a specified threshold for advancement or accrue enough losses to be eliminated from the tournament.

EDG at Masters

Top Seed Advantage

In an intriguing twist unique to Masters Shanghai, the four topseeded teams from each regional league will wield significant power—they can choose their opponents. This empowering feature allows top seeds to directly influence their tournament path, aligning with Leo Faria’s assertion that these teams will “place their fate in their own hands.

While not officially confirmed, this selection privilege suggests that teams emerging victorious in stage one playoffs of their respective VCT leagues will secure direct entry to the playoffs in Shanghai.

Seeding and Buchholz Score

Comparatively, the Swiss system has long been a fixture in CounterStrike 2 Majors, where playoff seedings rely on a team’s Buchholz Score. This score assesses the caliber of opponents a team defeats during the Swiss stage, ensuring a fair and merit-based approach to playoff seeding.

VCT Masters SHANGHAI China 2024

Tournament Outlook

Currently, the VCT leagues for Americas, EMEA, and China are in the midst of determining qualifying teams for Masters Shanghai. The upcoming group draw scheduled for May 12 will unveil the tournament’s opening matchups, setting the stage for an exhilarating display of Valorant talent on the international stage.

Masters Shanghai promises to redefine Valorant esports, not only by venturing into new territories but also by embracing a format that champions fairness and competitive prowess.

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