VALORANT Masters Madrid Winners to Receive Exclusive In-Game Capsule

VALORANT Masters Madrid Winners to Receive Exclusive In-Game Capsule

19. March 2024 by Never

Despite EMEA’s mixed performance in the tournament, Riot Games aims to make the VALORANT Masters Madrid a historic championship. To achieve this, the developer plans to reward the winning team with a unique in-game capsule to commemorate their achievement in the Spanish capital.

Announcement by Leo Faria

The revelation from Leo Faria came through X following a proposal from a journalist. Initially

the proposal was to feature a “purchase the Sentinels bundle” poster on Bind, referencing the banner that the North American team has proudly displayed on multiple occasions. However, the head of VALORANT esports disclosed that Riot Games will introduce the winners’ capsule for the Masters of Madrid.

Success of In-Game Bundles

Riot Games’ decision follows the success of in-game team bundles introduced earlier this year for the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT).

The response from fans to these capsules featuring items from various teams has been immense. Therefore, the company plans to replicate the same model for the Masters of Madrid, with potential future iterations. Clubs receive 50% of the revenue generated from bundle sales, incentivizing entities with large fan bases.

The winner of Madrid will supposedly have their capsule featured in the in-game store
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Popular Teams in Contention

The VALORANT Masters Madrid playoffs feature Gen.G, Paper Rex (current world runners-up), Sentinels, and LOUD. Both the American and Brazilian teams are among the most popular clubs in the VALORANT ecosystem.

The victory of a popular organization would result in significant revenue for both Riot Games and the entity, considering their substantial fan bases and viewership statistics.