VALORANT: Major departure from Fnatic’s roster

VALORANT: Major departure from Fnatic’s roster

15. September 2023 by miranda angeles

The signing season for the 2024 VCT has already started, and for a few days, we have been hearing news and rumors about changes in the squads of the most important VALORANT teams. This time, we will talk about the important departure of a member of Fnatic’s squad. We are talking about the head coach of the team.

The departure of VALORANT’s head coach from Fnatic

Recently, the news has been released that Fnatic’s VALORANT head coach, Jake “Mini” Harris, has decided to resign. According to the information, Mini has decided to leave his position as head coach, aiming to balance his personal and work life.

That is why, at this moment, Fnactic has a vacancy for the head coach position of its VALORANT staff. On the other hand, it has been reported that the person in charge of this position will not have to worry about finding new talent for the team.

Fnatic’s players will not change

After the news of the departure of Fnatic’s head coach broke out, fans of the organization were very worried. Many fans wondered if there would be any changes to the roster. That is why Fnatic’s VALORANT team manager, Colin “CoJo” Johnson, made a statement regarding this issue to answer fans’ doubts. According to the information revealed by CoJo, all the game staff remains the same. The player roster will remain unchanged.

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While some teams from EMEA and leagues worldwide are making some changes to their lineups, Fnatic is keeping their roster the same. This team keeps each player who was key to winning two trophies this 2023.

On the other hand, Johnson commented that deciding to keep all the players for next season was easy. The team manager comments that the whole team enjoys playing together and achieves great results in tournaments. According to Johnson, all the players are quite close and have a good relationship as teammates.

Fnatic job offer

Now, with the departure of Mini, Fnatic has started the search for a replacement. That is why they have posted an open application for people interested in the position to apply.

According to the information published by Fnatic, the person who gets the head coach position must fulfill a long list of duties. In addition, it has been reported that the new head coach must relocate to Berlin, Germany, full-time.

Undoubtedly, it is logical that the esports organization has high criteria for the head coach position. It was especially considering the quality of Fnatic’s current staff. Even though the new VALORANT season starts in a few months, Fnatic likely wants to hire the new coach as soon as possible. This will give him much more time to adapt to his new position.