VALORANT LOCK//IN capsules: Bundle unveiled for VCT

VALORANT LOCK//IN capsules: Bundle unveiled for VCT

3. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

Riot Games has unveiled a bundle of cosmetics for the upcoming inaugural VALORANT Champions Tour tournament, the LOCK//IN capsule! The next VALORANT Esports tournament is just around the corner and will take place on February 13 in Brazil. Because of this, Riot has now unveiled an accompanying bundle of cosmetic content that includes a knife, player cards, and a spray.

What’s special about the capsules is that you can support your favorite Valorant esports team during the tournament by purchasing the bundle! Here we reveal when the capsules are available, how to get them, and what the bundle has in store for you!

The LOCK//IN capsules

You can buy the LOCK//IN capsules in the Valorant in-game store starting February 8, and the bundle will be available until March 7. After the capsule lands in the store, the tournament will also begin five days later. However, the bundle will not disappear from the store until three days after the event ends.

Misericordia knife title

pic.: all the new stylish Misericordia knives for you!

The items from the capsule will not be available again in the Nightmarket and the normal store, and they will only be available in the bundle, not as individual items. So think about it early enough if you want the capsule before it is no longer available in the store!

The new Misericórdia Knife

There will be a new post-combat weapon in the bundle, the Misericórdia Knife. There are four different variants for the knife, each representing an international VCT league. The color for the American VCT knife is green, for VCT Pacific there is a blue knife, VCT EMEA has a purple design and VCT Circuit as a whole gets a red knife.

raze spray VCT lock in title

pic.: Raze screaming VAMOS! The new Spray in the LOCK//IN bundle

Besides the knives, there are also cards in the capsules, with three different colors. Again, green stands for America, blue for Pacific and purple for the EMEA-Region. Rounding out the capsule is a spray showing agent Raze with the LOCK//IN logo on her shirt, screaming “Vamos!”.

How much will the new skins cost?

The price for the LOCK//IN capsule has unfortunately not been announced yet, but previous bundles released to accompany the VCT have cost around $60 (about 55 euros). We’ll probably have to reckon with that price this time as well. But there is one bright spot to the hefty price: the teams that partner with Riot Games Esports get 50 percent of the revenue from the sale of the capsules. It used to be that Riot shared 50 percent of the profits from the bundle with the teams that managed to qualify for the Valorant Champions World Championship.