Valorant: Leviathan’s Controversy Surrounding Nozwerr’s Potential Departure

Valorant: Leviathan’s Controversy Surrounding Nozwerr’s Potential Departure

28. December 2023 by Never

In the world of competitive Valorant, Leviathan finds itself embroiled in controversy as Agustin “Nozwerr” Ibarra appears poised to leave the team amidst internal disputes.

The Unfolding Drama

Nozwerr’s recent social media actions, which included removing all Leviathan-related content, have sparked a flurry of speculation. His status as an active member for the upcoming season makes these developments more intriguing and concerning for fans and followers of the VCT Americas scene.

Internal Team Conflicts

Reports suggest that on December 24, a team meeting without the management led to a push for Nozwerr’s exit due to ongoing internal issues. The aftermath of this meeting saw Nozwerr distancing himself from Leviathan online, fueling rumors and fan unrest.

Leviathan’s Response

The community’s reaction has been a mix of surprise and demand for clarity. Fernando “Mago” Diez of Leviathan addressed these concerns, stating that no final decision has been made yet, and emphasizing his policy of transparent communication.

The Ripple Effect

Nozwerr’s potential exit is particularly shocking given his acclaim as the second-best Skye in the 2023 VCT circuit. Meanwhile, Leviathan is reportedly not in talks with new members but is said to be eyeing Corbin “C0M” Lee from Evil Geniuses, hinting at more significant changes in the competitive landscape.

Navigating Team Changes and Fan Expectations in Valorant’s Upcoming Season

As Leviathan navigates this tumultuous period, transparency and clear communication with fans will be key. The evolving situation warrants close attention, especially with the upcoming season and potential roster changes.