Iso’s Shield in VALORANT: A Game-Changing Escape from the Spike’s Blast

Iso’s Shield in VALORANT: A Game-Changing Escape from the Spike’s Blast

9. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

VALORANT players are constantly exploring new strategies to swing the tide of battle. A recent revelation on Twitter showcased how Iso’s Double Tap shield can be a literal game-changer by absorbing damage from the spike explosion, turning a certain demise into a narrow escape.

Iso’s Double Tap Shield Mechanics

The clip on Twitter highlighted Iso using the shield to survive a spike explosion and conserve valuable weaponry. This defies the common understanding that the spike’s blast radius spells unavoidable death.

Strategic Implications for Ranked Play

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While such a maneuver may not be a frequent necessity in casual ranked sessions, its impact is undeniable. There are moments, particularly during clutch plays, where maintaining proximity to the spike is crucial for securing a round victory.

Understanding the Shield’s Capabilities

The spike in VALORANT is known for its lethal range, typically guaranteeing a kill on anyone caught within. However, Iso’s shield is designed to absorb a single instance of damage from any source, “any source” being the operative term here, which includes the spike’s blast.

Limitations of the Shield

It’s important to note that the shield’s protection has its boundaries. If a player is too close to the spike during detonation, the shield won’t offer prolonged safety due to the persistent nature of the spike’s damage over time.

Fortuitous Discovery or Intended Feature?

The player’s fortuitous survival suggests that the shield’s interaction with the spike isn’t just luck—it could be an intentional feature. This raises the possibility of using the Double Tap ability strategically in anticipation of a spike detonation.

Embrace the Shield

VALORANT’s dynamic gameplay continues to evolve with players uncovering new tactics like Iso’s shield survival. Whether by design or serendipity, such strategies enrich the game’s strategic depth and open up fresh possibilities for survival and victory.