Valorant’s Newest Duelist: Meet Iso and His Game-Changing Abilities

Valorant’s Newest Duelist: Meet Iso and His Game-Changing Abilities

27. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games’ tactical first-person shooter, Valorant, continues to evolve with the introduction of its latest agent, a duelist named Iso. Representing the 23rd agent to join the fray, Iso’s unique combination of skills brings an entirely fresh dynamic to the game’s already diverse roster. This article dives deep into the toolkit of this Chinese mercenary, shedding light on what players can anticipate when using this character.

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E – Double Shot

This ability pushes the boundaries of timing and anticipation. Once Iso’s focus timer is activated and counts down, he becomes capable of collecting energy orbs from enemies he either defeats or injures. After firing these orbs, Iso obtains a shield, offering protection against a single damage instance from any source. This defensive mechanism allows for a unique playstyle, ensuring Iso can stay in the fight longer.

Q – Undermine

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Crafty and unexpected, Iso’s Q ability shoots out a molecular ray capable of piercing walls and solid objects. Its main objective? To target and trap foes lurking behind barriers. Once this beam connects with an adversary, they’re inflicted with a “fragile” status, potentially turning the tide of the battle.

C – Contingency

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Drawing upon prismatic energy, Iso summons a bullet-proof energy wall. This wall is virtually indestructible, providing Iso and his allies with the perfect cover during intense shootouts, safeguarding them from incoming fire.

X – Assassination Contract

Perhaps the most riveting of his abilities, Iso’s ultimate transports him and the first enemy affected into a 1v1 duel within a separate energy arena. It’s a high-stakes game where the winner emerges from the arena, while the loser faces immediate elimination.

Game designer, Nicholas Smith, delved into Iso’s conceptualization, highlighting the team’s aspiration for him to feel distinct, embodying what he referred to as a “Juggernaut.” Mobility and healing were attributes they intentionally bypassed. As a result, Iso’s shield was born, empowering him to march ahead, unfazed by the lack of mobility or healing elements.

New Champion: New Abilities

Iso seems poised to redefine in-game strategy with an arsenal that appears both daunting and rewarding. While his abilities might seem overpowering, they cater specifically to players possessing impeccable shooting precision. If your team’s sharpshooter feels confident enough to take on enemies as Iso, it might be time to let them wield this juggernaut. Valorant esports