VALORANT: In patch 6.08, Icebox will no longer be a rotation map

VALORANT: In patch 6.08, Icebox will no longer be a rotation map

7. April 2023 by miranda angeles

A few days ago, a large part of the VALORANT community was celebrating thanks to the news of the reinstatement of Bind to the rotation of the game’s competitive maps. However, due to this modification, Icebox will no longer be part of the rotation maps of the Riot Games shooter.

If you want to know all the changes and adjustments VALORANT’s map rotation will undergo, read on; here, we will give you all the details you need to know.

Bind’s reinstatement would cause Icebox’s departure

One of the most awaited returns for VALORANT has undoubtedly been Bind, which will undergo important modifications for its expected return. The most significant changes will occur within the A and B sites, altering the game’s meta that we knew until December last year when Bind left the game’s map rotation program.

On the other hand, in addition to the adjustments made to Bind and his return to the competitive game thanks to the famous and reliable Twitter account ValorLeaks, which is a leaker of game news, it is known that the map will suffer the consequences of Bind’s return will be for the frozen map Icebox.

Many fans are celebrating thanks to the return of Bind; however, not for all fans; it is good news, especially for Icebox lovers, as this map will soon be out of rotation.

According to information leaked by ValorLeaks, the classic map (Bind) for the next update, 6.07, will already have all the settings. However, it will not be playable competitively until game update 6.08.

On the other hand, ValorLeaks adds that the frozen map will be out of the rotation when the 6.08 patch update arrives when Bind returns. However, the exact date for the release of this update is not known at this time.

When will Bind fans be able to enjoy the map again?

As mentioned above, the changes for the beloved map will arrive for patch 6.07; however, it will not be until the release of the next patch, 6.08, that Bind will be included in VALORANT’s competitive map rotation.

Considering that VALORANT patches, just like LoL patches, are released every two weeks, and we recently received patch 6.06, there are still a few weeks to go before fans of this map can enjoy it again.

If there are no problems and the following patches (6.07 and 6.08) are not delayed, Bind could be available again in the competitive map rotation by May.