Farewell to Haven: Valorant’s First Map Set to Exit the Game

Farewell to Haven: Valorant’s First Map Set to Exit the Game

1. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valorant’s community braces for a significant change as @ValorLeaks reveals that Haven, the iconic map, will be leaving the game. This marks the first time in Valorant’s history that Haven will be absent from its map rotation.

End of an Era for Haven

Since Valorant’s closed beta in April 2020, Haven has been a staple in the game. Its unique three-bomb-site design, a novel concept in 5v5 shooters, set a precedent later mirrored in the map Lotus. Now, as we approach the start of Episode 8 in 2024, Riot Games is set to replace Haven with the returning Icebox.

Potential Rework on the Horizon?

The departure of Haven raises questions about its future. While Riot Games has not yet commented, it’s speculated that Haven might be undergoing a rework. Riot is known for refreshing its games, as seen with major updates to other maps like Icebox, Fracture, Breeze, and Pearl.

Community’s Reaction Might Influence the Decision

ValorLeaks, known for accurate Valorant leaks, hints that community feedback, which has been mixed, could influence Riot’s final decision. If a rework is indeed planned for Haven, the map might be out of rotation for an extended period, depending on the extent of the changes Riot intends to implement.

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What’s Next for Valorant Players?

With Haven’s departure and Icebox’s return in Episode 8, players should expect more updates and surprises from Riot Games. The length of Haven’s absence remains uncertain, varying from a few months to potentially longer, depending on the developmental direction Riot takes.

Making the Most of Haven’s Remaining Time

For those wishing to bid Haven a proper farewell, now is the time to explore the best agents and strategies for this classic map before it rotates out.