VALORANT gets a new pack of skins with a retro style

VALORANT gets a new pack of skins with a retro style

23. April 2023 by miranda angeles

To VALORANT comes a new pack of skins with a retro style; the pack bears the name “Radiant Entertainment System.”

The Radiant Entertainment System comes to VALORANT in episode 6, act 3. So all lovers of weapons with a retro and vintage style can go and enjoy this collection in very few days.

New skins pack with retro style in VALORANT

Recently VALORANT arrived with a pack of skins that were thought nostalgic as we said before, this series has the name “Radiant Entertainment System,” an arcade theme. It is arguably the most ambitious pack released by VALORANT developers.

Thanks to this collection, all users can enjoy a lot of accessories and a variety of weapon skins with some upgrades and variations.

Contents of the new Radiant Entertainment System pack

In this new pack, game fans can add to their collections four weapon skins with vivid colors in a retro style and one melee weapon.

It is important to note that each skin comes in different versions based on the different VALORANT worlds. So we are talking about Dance Fever, K.nock O.ut! and Bazooka Badger.


  • Power Fist – Melee
  • Power Fist (Melee)
  • Phantom
  • Ghost
  • Bulldog

Improvements in the new skins

As usual in VALORANT, every pack can be upgraded with Radianite, for this new pack is no different. Moreover, you can get different variations and even additional effects using in-game coins.

Below, we tell you the upgrades and effects included per level.

I Level 

  • In this first level, you receive the basic skin after purchasing it.

II Level 

  • Each skin receives a custom flash and firing sound on the second level.

III Level 

Each of the skins receives:

  • Visual reloading effects and equipment
  • Inspection
  • Animations
  • Music and Audio
  • Reactive screens

IV Level

Each of the skins receives:

  • Thematic finishers
  • Death banner

Now, in the case of the melee weapon, it can only be upgraded in two levels. So when users buy it, it is at level 1.

While at level 2, it receives the following upgrades:

  • Inspections with visual effects
  • Themed animations
  • Audio

Extra items in the new VALORANT package

As usual, all VALORANT packs include extra elements and weapons. In the case of the retro pack, these are the elements:

  • Bazooka Badger
  • nock O.ut!
  • Dance Fever

How much does the new VALORANT retro pack cost?

After knowing everything new that the new VALORANT pack offers, many wonder how much they have to pay to get it. Now, players who want to get their hands on this pack must pay 11,900 VALORANT points. Which translates to over $100 of real money, making this pack the most expensive ever released in the game.

When can the new VALORANT pack be purchased?

This new pack arrives in the game with Episode 6, Act 3, which arrives on April 25. So from that day, you can get the new pack from the game.