VALORANT: G2 targets NA superteam for 2023

VALORANT: G2 targets NA superteam for 2023

6. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

G2 Esports is said to have recruited former Sentinels stars ShahZaM and dapr for its VALORANT roster. Although G2 did not get a place in Riot’s franchised league, it is still clearly interested in the fast-growing esport. Erik ‘penny’ Penny, Maxim ‘wippie’ Shepelev are also said to be getting a contract, along with the still unknown OXY.

According to the specialized website dotesports, G2 Esports would have recruited ShahZaM and dapr, former stars of Sentinels, for a new VALORANT roster. Those rumors are reinforced by the teasers the organization gave last week on its brand new G2 VALORANT Twitter account.

Despite G2 not getting a place in Riot’s franchised league, due to an incident with former CEO ocelote, the organization still seems to have interest in the scene. It would like to establish a competitive North American roster to participate in the Ascension circuit. The winner of that competition could win a spot in the International League.

In addition to ShahZaM and dapr, the roster would reportedly include former Version1 players Erik “penny” Penny and Maxim “wippie” Shepelev. The latest player on the team is said to be OXY. The still unknown youngster impressed with strong performances in the Proving Grounds competition.

These rumors are consistent with G2’s most recent teaser on social media. The organization posted a lightning bolt on Twitter last weekend. The community quickly discovered that it closely resembled the emblem of DC Comics superhero Shazam.

Although G2 did not receive a VALORANT partnership, the organization can still gain a foothold in the international scene thanks to the new Ascension tournament. The question is whether G2 can make a comeback to the top of VALORANT sports with this team.

G2 can already draw inspiration from the success of its female VALORANT roster. G2 Gozen became world famous by winning the first-ever VALORANT Game Changers tournament a few weeks ago.