VALORANT fans may be mistaken about Deadlock’s power

VALORANT fans may be mistaken about Deadlock’s power

5. July 2023 by miranda angeles

According to a VALORANT analyst, fans of the game are overlooking the facts, causing them to think the new agent is more powerful than she is.

One of the main requests from the VALORANT player community for a year now was the arrival of a sentry. The developers have finally listened to them and have released the new agent Deadlock. Now, this new agent’s most talked about ability is her “Barrier Mesh,” but according to a VALORANT analyst, fans of the game might be hyping her power too much.

The analyst believes VALORANT fans are overhyping Deadlock’s power

Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski, DRX streamer and VCT EMEA analyst, recently shared a link to a Reddit thread on his Twitter account. In that post, people discuss the effectiveness of the Deadlock Barrier Mesh. In addition, it talks about how players were overlooking facts related to the new agent’s ability. Lothar believes that Deadlock is more likely to receive an upgrade soon than the Nerf fans are clamoring for.

Don’t you guys feel like the wall of Deadlock is too Overpowered?
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Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh Ability

The main concerns expressed in the post are Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh skill and his health level. It is quite difficult for players to remove the entire barrier with bullets from a pistol; a large amount of ammunition must be unloaded into it, translating into an almost impossible task to destroy the center of the barrier.

However, it is compensated because you can shoot through it and break its four corners. Should a player break one of its corners, Deadlock will have less health, as the four protruding edges correspond to the protruding edges of the sign that serves as a wall.

Divided Opinions on Deadlock Barrier Mesh

In the Reddit thread, many fans justify a Nerf for the Barrier Mesh; some of the arguments to ask for a Nerf are that the use of the Mesh is free, its deployment is too fast, and the retention period is too long.

However, Lothar immediately refuted these arguments. The analyst points out that the wall is only 30 seconds long, compared to Sage’s Barrier Orb, which is 10 seconds less. In addition, he comments that the wall takes 2 seconds to activate.

Lothar even made a poll on Twitter where he asked his followers how long they think it will take to upgrade Deadlock, assuring that the new agent will not be weakened. On the other hand, Lothar was not the only one who disagreed with the arguments for a Deadlock Nerf. One player commented that the new sentinel’s kit is too weak without her barrier miro.

In addition, other users comment that Deadlock’s signature ability does not recharge over time. It is a really weak kit as it leaves players without many alternatives.

We must wait to know what the game developers think and see if the new agent gets an upgrade or a Nerf.